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Role of Islamic State in Islam

Concept of Sovereignty :-
In Islamic state there is no concept of sovereignty. Authority belongs to Allah and Islamic State is administered in the name of Allah. In Islam the authority to rule is not the birth right of any individual. In Islam the power to rule is trust of the people.
We can examine the role Islamic state under the following heads :

1. Democratic State :-
Islamic state is democratic state according Quran. In Islam power are exercised through the democratic process. Quran says, " And they conduct their affairs by mutual consultation." So the head of Islamic state is bound to consult with "Shura Assembly", about the affairs of state.

2. Provision of Basic Necessities of Life :-
It is primary duty of the Islamic state that it should provide the basic necessities of life like, food, clothing, shelter and education to every citizen living in the country.

3. Enforcement of Islamic Law :-
It is the duty of the state it should enforce the laws of Shariah in the country so that the Muslims may be able to lead their lives according to Quran and Sunnah. There should be a strict punishment for those who violate the laws.

4. Economic Justice :-
It is the duty of the Islamic State that it should provide equal chances of employment and economic development to all the people irrespective of colour and caste.

5. Social Security :-
Islamic state must provide, the security of life and property. There should be peace and property.

6. Social Justice :-
It is the duty of the state to make full utilization of economic resources for the economic welfare of the people.Social justice must be provided.

7. Stability in the Price Level :-
The state is responsible to maintain stable prices in the country. In this regard a government can frame a fiscal and monetary policy to control inflation.

8. Economic Freedom :-
In Islamic state everybody is allowed to adopt any profession or business within the laws, and it is duty of the state that it should give him full protection.

9. Relation with Rest of the World :-
Islamic state is responsible to develop good relations with all countries in world in particular and others in general. It should always be cooperative with those who are right and serving for humanity.

10. Collection of Zakat and Ushar :-
An Islamic state can collect the Zakat and Ushar from the citizens. It can also impose tax and borrow the money from inside and outside the country.

11. Fair Distribution of Wealth :-
It is also the duty of the Islamic state that it should enforce the distributive justice for every individual.

12. Permission of Criticism :-
An Islamic state allows the citizens to criticize the various policies of the government which are against the interest of the nation.


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