Monday, 13 June 2011

Discuss the duties of the Secretary

Duties of the Secretary :-
The work and duties of the secretary changes with the size and nature of the company. Anyhow following are the important duties of the secretary :

1. Prepares agenda :-
He prepares the agenda of various meetings held be the directors and shareholders.

2. Calls meetings :-
He calls meetings of the shareholders and the directors according the rules.

3. Conducts correspondence :-
Secretary makes correspondence with the share holders and informs them about their related matters.

4. Keeps documents :-
He keeps with him the list of an important documents of a company and provides them, when these are demanded.

5. Attestation :-
Secretary also attests and signs all the documents which are to be submitted to the Govt. offices.

6. Holds statutory meetings :-
The secretary prepares a schedule of statutory meetings and makes arrangements for holding them.

7. Minutes of the meeting :-
He records the minutes of the meeting and reads the minutes of the previous meetings.

8. Examines the documents :-
He examines that all the documents are properly stamped and filed according the ordinance.


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