Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Discuss the Functions or Importance of Retailer or Services performed by the Retailer

Functions of Retailer :-
Retailer is a person who buys and sells the goods in small quantity. Retailer purchases the goods from wholesaler and sells it in the hands of a consumer. Retailer is a link between consumer and wholesaler.

Following are the important functions of retailer :
1. Distribution of Goods :-
A retailer plays very important role in the distribution of goods to various consumption centers has a direct contact with the consumer and wholesaler. He establishes shops in villages, and towns to provide the supply of goods.

2. Variety of Goods :-
Retailer provides the variety of goods produced by the different firms. Consumer purchases the goods according to his desires from his nearest shop.

3. Introduction of New Goods :-
Retailer introduces new items and also explains the merits of that product to consumer.

4. Guidance to Wholesaler :-
Retailer has direct contact with the consumer and wholesaler, so he tells the likes and dislikes of the customers to the wholesaler.

5. Credit Facility :-
A retailer also provides the credit facility to the consumer. Generally consumer purchases the goods all the month on credit from the nearest shopkeeper and pays him at the end of month.

6. Fresh Food Supply :-
A retailer provides the fresh food like meat, fish, milk, eggs, vegetables and fruits to the consumer. In the absence of retailer these can not be provided fresh to the consumer.

7. Selling in Small Quantity :-
Retailer normally purchases goods in bulk and sells it in small quantity. He also keeps the quantity in stock.

8. Delivery Services :-
Some retailers also provide delivery services to the consumer. It is an additional duty.

9. Guidance to Consumer :-
At the time of purchase, consumers rely on the advice and guidance of a retailer. For example one consumer goes to the shop of T.V. where the product of various firms is available. Now retailer will explain the qualities of the various products and generally consumer is impressed and acts upon the advice of a retailer.


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