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Explain the role of mineral resources in the economic development? or explain the important mineral resources found in Pakistan

Mineral Resources :-
Large deposits of minerals provide sound base for the economic development. The important minerals are gas, oil, coal, iron, copper and forests. The discovery of mineral deposits provide employment to the large number of persons. The imports and increases the GDP.

Pakistan is rich in natural resources but due to lack of capital this sector remained under developed.
Following are the important mineral deposits in the economic development :

1. Oil :-
It is an important source of energy. It contributes 44.6% to the total supply of the country. It is called liquid gold. Drilling is still in progress.

2. Coal :-
In Pakistan it has sufficient resources of 185 billion tonnes. Now in the desert of Sindh more reserves have been discovered.

3. Natural Gas :-
It is the best substitute of coal and petrol. It is also used as a raw material in various industries. The oil and gas corporation is exploring the gas and oil resources with the help of foreign companies. Pirkot Toot, Dhodak and Dherment are the important places of gas reserves.

4. Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) :-
It is used those areas where supply of natural gas is not available. It is very economical and popular. There are 22 companies which are marketing in the Pakistan. To keep its prices on reasonable level govt. has adopted the policy of deregulation.

5. Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) :-
It is an alternate of fuel. It is used in vehicles to reduce the import of petrol. The govt. of Pakistan is promoting CNG in the transport sector.

6. Gypsum :-
It is used in the production of cement and fertilizer and plaster or paris industry. It deposits are found in various parts of the country.

7. Bartie :-
It is used in the oil well drilling operations, It deposits have been discovered in Baluchistan and NWFP.

8. Rock Salt :-
It is used for domestic and commercial purpose. Its main deposits are found in Kohat, Jehlum and Mianwali.

9. Limit Stone :-
It is used in cement, building and construction industry. Its deposits are found in all the parts of the country.

10. Chlorite :-
It is used in leather tanning, steel goods and chemicals. Its deposits are found in Baluchistan, Peshawar and Kalat.

11. Magnetite :-
It is found in Baluchistan and NWFP. It is also used various chemical industries.

12. Soap Stone :-
It is used in the industry of paints, roofing tiles and soap.

13. Silica Sand :-
It is used in various industries. Its deposits are found in Dadu, DGK,DIK and Hazara.

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