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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Is India and Pakistan are overpopulated and suggest measures how can control the overpopulation ? or Discuss the India and Pakistan are over populated

When the size of population is greater then the size of natural resources if it is called over population. In case of over population real per capita income of the country begins to fall.

India and Pakistan are over populated countries. If can be judged by the following facts :

1. High Birth Rate :-
In India and Pakistan birth rate is high. While death rate has fallen due to health facilities. It shows that country is over populated.

2. Low Per Capita Income :-
The real per capita income in India and Pakistan is very low which shows that India and Pakistan are over populated countries.

3. Increase in Dependents :-
In the poor countries like India and Pakistan, the working population is small and majority of population is dependent on them. So rate of development is very low in the country.

4. Low Rate of Growth :-
The gross domestic product of a country indicates the performance of the various sectors. No doubt in the past GDP of India,Pakistan has risen hut there is a fluctuation in it.

5. Dependence of Agriculture :-
India and Pakistan are still relying on agriculture. If nature is kind then production rises otherwise it remains low. The dependence on agriculture makes the economy unstable and does not provide a stable margin over the population growth.

6. Poor Diet :-
The poor diet affects the health and working capacity of the people. Due to heavy pressure of population Indian and Pakistani people are unable to get the balanced diet.

7. Unemployment :-
In India and Pakistan the rate of unemployment is very high which shows that size of population is greater than the size of national resources.

8. Urbanization :-
The urban population is increasing due to the rural migration. There is a shortage of various facilities like housing and transport. The rate of urbanization is faster which indicates that country is over populated.

9. Low Rate of Savings :-
In the less developed countries rate of saving is very low to maintain the present standard of living. Due to low rate of saving rate of investment and employment is very low.

10. Low Literacy Rate :-
In India and Pakistan education facilities are less than our requirement. The literacy rate in India and Pakistan is very low. It also shows that country is over populated.

11. Application of Malthus Theory :-
In case of India and Pakistan Malthus theory is also applicable. According to Malthus when population increases than the resources, floods and wars occur. So in 1965, 1971, India and Pakistan faced the wars while the Pakistan in 1973, 1975,1976, 1978 faced the floods. Even Pakistan imported wheat to save themselves from hunger.

Anyhow we can say that rapid increase in the population is the main obstacle in the way of economic development.

There are two approaches to solve this problem. We can increase the production to meet the growing needs of the population or we should reduce the population according to the resources.

It is a positive approach and we can increase the production by adopting the following measures :

1. Increase in Food Production :-
To meet the growing needs of the population we should use the modern inputs in agriculture. The use of fertilizer improved seeds and machines will increase the per capita yield.

2. Increase in Small Scale Industries :-
In the rural areas we should set up the small scale industries like poultry and carpets. It will increase the production.

3. Credit Facilities :-
Government should provide the credit facilities to the farmers and the owners of small scale industries. It will increase the GDP of the country.

4. Increase in Employment :-
Government should provide the jobs to the people by establishing the various development projects.

5. Increase in Educational Facilities :-
Government should increase the literacy rate in the country by starting the literacy projects.

6. Employment for Women :-
Government should provide the job opportunities to the women.

7. Effective Planning :-
Government should prepare the development plans to increase the investment in the country. The money should be used only for the productive purpose.

To reduce the population following measures can be adopted :

1. Family Planning Program :-
The family planning programs should be spread to the whole country to reduce the population.

2. Late Marriages :-
Late marriages are very useful for controlling the population.

3. Opening of Health Clinics :-
By opening the health clinics the birth rate can be reduced.

4. Use of Medicines :-
People may use the contraceptive medicine to control birth rate.

The Government of India and Pakistan has realized the problem of over population. Every year a lot of money is allocated in budget for family planning program but achievement is very slow. Anyhow to solve the problem of over population we will have to adopt both the measures.


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