Thursday, 27 October 2011

Explain the special points to be noted by the auditor while auditing the accounts of club

Following points must be considered by the auditor :

1. Internal Check :-
Auditor should examine the internal check system of the club. He should see that proper control on the purchase is maintained. He should also check that all the purchase is supported by the invoices duly authorized.

2. Verify The Payments :-
Auditor should vouch all the payments made to the staff. He should also verify the purchase of crockery furniture etc.

3. Study The Constitution :-
Auditor should study the constitution of the club. He should examine the powers of the officials who are dealing with the bank accounts and other auditors.

4. Member Minute Book :-
Auditor should study a minute book of the meetings. He should also study the resolution passed by the members about the account transactions.

5. Vouching Of Fee :-
Auditor should vouch the admission fee received of cash with the counter foils and receipt.

6. Life Membership Fee :-
Auditor should verify that it is received according the rules of the club.

7. Cash and Bank Balance :-
Auditor should check the cash in hand by actual counting with the cash book. He should also verify the bank balance with pass book and bank certificate.

8. Verify The Liabilities :-
Auditor should check all the outstanding liabilities for expenses and see that these are properly recorded in the books.

9. Examine The Investment :-
Auditor should verify the investment made by the club and also see the basis of valuation.

10. Verify The Depreciation :-
Auditor should verify that adequate depreciation is provided for the assets or not?

11. Check The Supply System :-
Auditor should verify the system of supplying of foods refreshment etc to the members. He should also vouch the receipts of cash supplied against them.

12. Closing Stock :-
Auditor should verify that stock sheets about various items like cigarette are duly certified regarding its taking and valuation.

13. Proper Allocation :-
Auditor should examine that proper allocation made between capital and revenue expenditure and no wrong entry of revenue is entered in the capital.

14. Subscription Register :-
Auditor should obtain this register and compare it with the financial ledger to agree the total received subscription.

15. Verification Of Arrears :-
Auditor should check the list of subscription in arrears which is duly certified by the committee.


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