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Define social class

Social Class

In agrarian societies, there were generally two social classes, small but wealthy class consisting of landlords and land owners, Big but poor class consisting of farmers and skilled persons. This classification was quite clear but in the industrial society, three or. more than three social classes came into existence and their division is not very strict. The important elements of division'of them is the level of income.
Economists and sociologists of modern time divide societies into three classes, upper class, middle class and lover class.

Definitions of Social Class 

1. Karl Marx : 
“Class, is the collection of people who have equal mode of wealth and have obviously same livelihood.”

2. CH. Persell :
“Class refers to persons who share similar social state and similar level of wealth and income.”

3. Barton and Hunt :
“A social class is a stratum of people of similar social position.”

A social class has characteristics of having a feeling of similar people of social position with equal benefits: Therefore, they should do common acts for the benefit of their class. Because of this class consciousness, there is a similarity in their behaviours and attitudes. Karl Max analyzed the social relation on the basis of economic ownership i.e., capitalism have divided the society into two classes. Bourgeoisie or capitalist class and proletariat or working class.
He believed that social structure is based on the ownership of economic resources. The class, that has the possession of these, is the ruling class and by using force is able to get the decision done in its favour and thus keeping its benefits secure.


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