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Form of social deviation

Forms of Social Deviation

    The following are the forms of deviation which are described below :
 1. Cultural and Psychological Deviation :
i. Sin and evils are cultural deviation.
ii. Deviation from personality organization is psychological deviation.

2. Individual and Group Deviation :
 i. Individual deviation :
    Such deviations in which an individual rejects social norms and has its own ways. It is called individual deviation just like, wearing woman like dress by a man and going to office.
 ii. Group deviation :
    When a group collectively rejects the social norms, it is called a group deviation just like dacity in a bank by a group.

Primary and Secondary Deviation

 i. Primary Deviation :
    The deviation behaviour of an individual who abides by social norms of the society for the rest of his life is primary deviation, This deviative behaviour can be hidden if it is unimportant and bearable. This deviative behaviour will remain primary till the time when not recognizable at the public level and should not be socially labelled.
 ii. Secondary Deviation :
    The deviative behaviour of an individual that has become his public recognition and has become a label on his personality and in spite of leaving that deviation that label should remain attached to him is called a secondary deviation.

 Social Control

All cultures, sub-cultures and members of groups get help from the system of norms to keep the behaviour of its members in a proper manner. All the sociologists agree collectively that if a society is to live, its members are bound to abide by norms. Social discipline and social code had started since the beginning of the social life but its necessary need was felt with the setting up of Agrarian societies when population increased and cultural complications took place. Ways and means to get necessaries of life were determined because of increase of needs of life. In such a case, The system of social control became a necessary need of the society to keep the individuals of the society, according to certain values and regulations.
    Social discipline provides a guarantee to the collective life, produces a uniformity and harmony in social tendency, behaviour and thinking. It brings about human consciousness and a concept of good or bad becoming strong a collective conscious of the society and institution begins to function well. Collective order is created by collective discipline and the society is saved from indiscipline and dispersion to a large extent.


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