Thursday, 13 November 2014

Define mailed questionnaire and State suggestions for mailed questionnaire

Mailed Questionnaire :

It is also a tool of research where an answerer sends his answers through mail to the researcher.

Definition of Questionnaire :
This is a form consisting of questions which the respondent sends to an interviewer without his help.

Suggestions for Mailed Questionnaire :
It is a form of interview with hindrances faced in an interview with the difference that an interviewer is present to solve the objections whereas the questionnaire is to remove. this hindrance itself. It is, therefore, necessary to present the questionnaire to enable it to seek all persons, cooperation itself and should have answers to all questions likely to be in the mind of an answerer. Therefore, the following suggestions are to be acted upon.

Appeal :
There should be a covering letter as introduction with the questionnaire explaining all facts and answers of expected objections otherwise, it will be rejected. All points should be with proper detail but not too long, should be given keeping the following points in view:

i. The auspices :
The answers of the questions like who approved the research, who is supervising and what are the objects of a particular institution, should be included. Moreover, reference to previous researches such like address and contact number of the institution should also be given to ensure the answer about its authority.

ll. Research object :
it should be mentioned in the introduction letter about the aim of study and collection of data by the sanctioning institution with clear objects of the study in an understandable language for the respondent.

iii. Why should the respondent matters for Answer :
The appeal should be persuading for the respondent to prepare him to respond willingly and it is better to keep the values and traditions of the respondent into eyes for a successful cooperation and to make the data reliable.

iv. Institution for filling the questionnaire form : 
New researchers cannot comprehend the abilities of the respondents. Therefore, they should prepare the questionnaire to remove defects and to note the difficulties in filling the questionnaire and enter suggestions there in the introduction letter to guide the respondent properly.

v. Guarantee of anonymity :
This is a special element of making the appeal effective. The respondent should be made believe that all information would be kept secret and used only for research purpose. Moreover, the questionnaire should not include anything as to disclose identity of the respondent.

Providing Facility for Return of Questionnaire :
A researcher should keep the following points in mind to facilitate the return of the questionnaire:
a. The provision of an envelope to pack the questionnaire.
b. Complete address of the researcher with phone, fax etc.
c. Stamped envelope with no need of stamps by the respondent.


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