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Discuss the role of fact in theory or Explain the mutual relation of theory and fact

The Role of Facts :

A theory and facts are in a state of continuous interaction. The progress of one becomes a course of another. A theory is not a rigid thing. It serves as a natural force in the discovery of facts. Same is the case with theory. Science depends upon facts and theory mutual stimulation and is promoted.

i. Facts initiate theories :
Theories are derived from facts. Facts are observations which take place at different places in the same social condition. By relating between facts, logically conclusion are derived and then through deductive logic from individualistic position to group position a generalization is made. The logical conclusion of facts formula theories just as a fall of an apple gave the idea through observation of gravity of the earth theory.

ii. Facts lead to rejection or reformation of existing theory :
When the stated facts in a theory are tested in a mutual social condition through investigation, sometimes facts from research are opposite of facts of the theory and on the basis of which the theory is rejected but the facts of the theory are correct to some extent whereas some facts are irrelevant, there is a-need of amendment in the structure or new formulation of the theory in the light of facts.

iii. Facts redefine and clarify the theory :
When theories are tested in a laboratory or in a natural environment such facts come which were according to previous theory in the fact research but now they do not correspond with the theory. In such a case, keeping the facts in view, definition of theory becomes necessary to make it fit according to changed condition. In some concepts and their arrangement used in some theories are so complicated to be understood with difficulty. In such a case the new definition of facts helps in understanding the theory. During this action, the reformulation of theory can take place. Now facts may appear and new explanation of theory may came to light which is different from general wisdom.


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