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State stages of analysis of data

Analysis of Data

Statistics is compulsory need in scientific research. Its use is increasing in social sciences also.
The analysis of data is that stage in a research where a researcher is able to give answers that what has he found. Analysis is the name of molding the data into a standard form and to apply analytical techniques on it to get trustworthy and useful results.

Stages of Data Analysis :
There are four stages.
i. Coding :
Verbal or written answers are changed into arithmetic numbers to deal with them in a better way. For example, in social interaction measurement research, the question may be in the form.

Question : How many times in a day do you meet your friend?
Ans: A- one B-twice C-several times:

In coding system we use these answers some numbers like A-l, B-2, C-3. In this way, in the end the total of all numbers represents the magnitude position of social interaction.

ii. Data Entry :
After coding the answers of respondent in the form of coding are registered in a computer or special register or on a card. This enables re-checking the data.

iii. Cross Tabulation : 
Two or more variables relation is tested. The total score of dependent is compared with the total score of independent variables.

iv. Testing Relationship :
The last stage of analysis is to test the relationship between variables for which index and scales are used. Before writing a report, all works are completed.


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