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What does interview schedule mean and State its kinds according to structure

Interview Schedule and Questionnaire :
A social survey depends on questionnaire and an interview schedule. Data can be collected in an organized method by these tools. Independent and dependent variables relation can be tested in a better way. That is why that both of these tools are used frequently in social science to collect data.

Interview Schedule:
This is such a questionnaire which the researcher himself gets completed through a trained interviewer. It is a list of standardized questions in which questions are arranged. According to the research problem under study, the researcher gets answers of his questions face to face with the interviewee and enters the answers in the list at a particular place. In this way, the data is collected and its analysis is done for results.

Structural Types of Interview Schedule

It has two kinds :
1. Unstructured Interview Schedule :
This is a discursive form of interview schedule. Questions are not structured but have the ability of probing into answers. This form may include lies of the researcher's bias. Questions are not limited and the interviewer wastes time on unnecessary questions. In this type, help is taken from interview guide and only trained interviewers can use it because only they understand the points of the problem to get them explanation.

2. Structured Interview Schedule :
Sociologists use interview as an exclusive tool where questions arrangement is fixed to lessen the bias of the interviewer and this increases more reliability and validity 'of the results. All interviewees are asked the same
questions for uniformity of answers and easiness of arranging results and this increases the importance of the research


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