Tuesday, 11 November 2014

What is hypothesis and State relation between theory and hypothesis

Hypothesis :
A research hypothesis is a specific relation between a dependent and one or more independent variables. For example, we can make a hypothesis that low degree educational facilities and less trained teachers - are a cause of low educational standard.
A research hypothesis is that which a researcher wants to test. He collects material about dependent and independent variables and tests a relation between them and gets results.
A Hypothesis is a central point of scientific method and scientific research. A research revolves round the hypothesis and is for the hypothesis and the nature of scientific research is also determined by the hypothesis because it is an aim and, research and scientific method is a mean to achieve this aim.

Hypothesis and Theory :
Hypothesis and theory is deeply related. Theory helps in the results of facts and the hypothesis tells about the research. When facts are collected, arranged and are seen connected in a relationship, a theory comes into existence. Theory is not a speculation but it is on the base of facts and the relation is logical. In the theory, reasoning manner plays an important role in the formulation of a hypothesis because what is theory today,a.must have been a hypothesis and when a hypothesis will become a fact, it becomes a theory.

Theory- Hypothesis- Theory : 
Hypothesis are derived from theories because when facts in the hypothesis are tried to be tested or some research is decided to know their reality,‘the facts becoming variables take-the form of a hypothesis and when these variables are analyzed in the light of research, they become facts. The logical relation of facts
formulates theories that provide guidance to solve the problems. For example, Durkheim's theory, “Lawlessness leads to anemic suicide.” In order to test the theory, the facts of the theory will become. variables and from which the hypothesis will be formulated-the more the lawlessness the more the rate of
suicide will increase.”
When from the research data the relation of lawlessness and logical relation of suicide will be explained, it will reject or accept the hypothesis, then these will become facts and the logical arrangement of facts will formulate a theory.


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