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Define process of mass communication in your own words


These questions can be solved with reading first question. In 1940, a political scientist, Harold Lasswell said, to understand mass communication answers must be found for each of the following questions. Who says what in what channel to whom with what effect? Latest formula of mass communication process is :
All these elements collectively complete the process of mass communication. So, we can say that the mass communication is a process, which is completed with these elements :
(i) Source
(ii) Message
(iii) Channel
(iv) Receiver
(v) Feedback
Communication is a process, which is being taken place, all the time like breathing or pumping of a heart. Communication is the essential human connection, it is, in fact, one’s link to the other people. It pervades everything we do. In communication process, people send and receive messages. The role of sender or receiver is not restricted to any one party of the communication process. A person can play both roles. Suppose ‘B’ is
receiving some message from A. After receiving, he comments on message. Actually he is playing the role of sender when he is commenting on message.
Everyone has his own field of experience. When communicating people have same experience, there are more chances of effective communication. The more the sharing field of experience, the more will be the effective communication.
The message is the content of communication. There is a large variety of messages being communicated and received. Some are of individual importance and some messages have worldwide importance. These are different in nature and are designed for different types of audience.
Messages are being sent to receivers through a large number of channels. People may use sound, taste, touch, smell, sight or any combination of these to carry a message.
Noise is anything interferes with the ability to send or receive messages. It could also be a physical discomfort (a fever or headache), Psychological make up (A poor self-concept, a high level of defensiveness) or semantic misunderstandings. Noise can function as a communication barrier. Feedback returns information to the sender on commenting its message. It serves useful functions for both senders and receivers. A message could be changed according to feedback received from the receivers.


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