Thursday, 4 December 2014

Importance of Communication

Importance of Communication

Communication plays an important role in our life. Through communication we learn manners, ethics and other behavioural norms and values.

1. Global Village :
It is due to the development of communication that world is shrunk into a village and has become a global village where everyone knows about others and the news of latest happenings spread throughout the world within a short span of time.

2. Human Nature :
Communication is the basic need of human beings as it is a part of human nature to communicate with others. So the communication process has been going on since man was not familiar with language. At that time, people used to communicate through signs, symbols, gestures and pictures etc.

3. Social Process :
Because man is a social animal, he can’t live alone apart from the society. So, man communicates with others to fulfil his basic need of communication and by social interaction he learns social norms, rules and culture of his society.

4. Symbol of Life :
Communication is the sign of human life existence as we are always involved in this process by walking, sleeping, sitting, crying and smiling etc. By all these actions, we communicate with others and make them to understand our mood and needs.

5. Exchange of Ideas :
By the process of communication, the transfer of meaningful words become information for us. Through communication, we transmit our information to others. Every new information becomes news for others. In the present age, all developed countries are trying to improve their mass media.

6. Awareness :
Through communication, man gets awareness, knowledge, information and education. Awareness about the latest technologies, discoveries, inventions comes through the process of communication. 


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