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Role of Radio in social development


Radio is considered as the most important source of mass communication in. Radio has played a vital role in the social development of our society. Radio is a cheap source of communication and it provides not only national but also international news.
All people are thought to be equal. Promotion of religious values is done through radio. Some other important aspects of Radio are following:

1. Projection of Democracy :
Radio is projected democratic way of government. People are realized through Radio programmes that democratic way is the only solution to problems. Shortly it is projected that it is a better system.

2. Projection of Education :
Education is important for social development. No society can become developed until it has majority of educated people. Education enables people to be civilized. Radio has promoted eagerness to get education among public. It has told the equal importance of education for both males and females. Adult education and other educational programmes have made it possible to develop a zeal among villagers to be educated.

3. To Finish Harmful Rituals :
Rituals of a society have become the part of human nature. It can create hurdles the progress. Radio has made people repugnant for these effected rituals.

4. Pleasant Environment :
It is necessary for social development that people are satisfied and happy. There should be an atmosphere of peace, comfort and tranquility. Radio has gained attention of people. They started listening the plays, music and other entertainment programmes of radio. By doing so, Radio has replaced worries and tensions of people to light and refreshing mood.

5. Higher Living Standard :
Radio has awarded people to think about their environment. People had realized fat poverty is not their fate but they can also enjoy the comforts of life. There should be an element of struggle for betterment in life.

6. Information About Government Plans :
Radio informs about welfare plans of government, so that government becomes stronger and can complete its projects. Public feels satisfaction about development plans.

7. Projection of Moral Values : 
A big purpose of creation of country was to build a modern  Society. But it is a matter of sorrow that nobody has made a serious attempt for it. As a result of this non-seriousness, our society has declined. Radio has played an important role to remain ethical norms and values.

8. Excess of Population : 
Due to excess of population, there is a lack of basic facilities of life. Radio with the sponsor of Ministry of Family Planing, has told disadvantages of increase in population. It has also told about the advantages of small-sized family.

9. A Bridge Between Public and Government :
It is necessary for the development of society that there should be such source present between public and government which is worked to finish a gulf between the two. It should be a spokesman of government as well as of public at the same time. It is necessary to convey messages of government and the feedback of public to government officials.

10. Religious Equality :
Radio can be worked to spread religious principles. Radio has splendid need to provide equal opportunities without discrimination of religious. It has also projected the thinking that it is necessary for women to work shoulder to shoulder with men. It is the way to success and progress of society.

11. Prevention of Social Evils :
Negative trends and social evils are destroying the peace and satisfaction of society. Due to these cunningnesses, thinking ability of people is to be suppressed. A big drawback of such situation is that construction is replaced by destruction. Radio has tried to eliminate the society from these filth's.

12. Projection of Civilization :
Progress of a society is hidden in the projection of civilization. It is more beneficent for a society having more and more civilized population. All the programmes of Radio are the representatives of our specific civilization

13. Rural Development :
More than seventy percent of population is living in rural areas of our country. There are not basic facilities available in rural areas. Mostly rural population consists of laborers and farmers. Social development is impossible until the majority of population has a standard way of living. Radio is stressed to solve rural area problems.


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