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Write a comprehensive note on the evolution of Radio 


Radio is considered to be the most powerful and effective medium as compared to others. Radio can reach where print media or television cannot. Radio is the most beneficial of all other media. The whole of country is not electrified, hence it is not possible for T.V. to reach everywhere. Literacy rate is too low, hence, all the people are unable to read newspapers.

Beginning of Radio :

The first programme was broadcast by USA in 1905 when “HA Eussenden” broadcast the first message from his experimental station at Brant Rock on the Christmas Eve. Then different experts came in this field to make the Radio an informative and entertaining medium. In this respect, a successful effort was made by “Le De Forest” in 1908, who conducted a successful effort by using apparatus set up in Eiffel Tower in Paris. In 1915, David Samoff, conducted experiment in the music field and proposed a scheme for a Radio music box which could be manufactured and sold for home reception of music and educational broadcasting. In 1922, a concert was broadcast. And after this programme, a proper broadcasting of programmes was started including the educational, musical and informative programmes along with the daily news bulletin.

Establishment of BBC :
By 1922, in Great Britain, a private British company (British Broadcasting Company) started programme broadcasting in which people took great interest. But very soon the British government due to the increasing interest of people in the Radio programmes felt fear that it can be dangerous for the government if it starts propaganda against the government. So due to this reason, the British government took over the charge of broadcasting company and the British Broadcasting Company was replaced by the British Broadcasting Corporation. This corporation started external programmes as well as internal. In the present age, it is known as a most reliable source of information in all over the world as it broadcasts “News Bulletin” 24 hours a day.

Radio in the Sub-Continent :
On 16th May, 1924, the first Radio Club of the Sub-Continent was established in Madras and after that it was started in Bombay and Kolkatta but its coverage of area was very limited and its programmes could be listened only in the particular areas. At last, in 1926, India Broadcasting Corporation came into being after getting the license from the Government of India. This corporation started many Radio stations in the Sub-Continent. The first Radio station under this corporation was established on 23rd July, 1927 and was inaugurated by Viceroy Lord Irwin in Bombay. Likewise, Radio broadcasting started in many areas of Indo-Pak Sub-Continent. In 1928, a small and short Radio transmitter was installed in Y.M.C.A building in Lahore. At that time, Lahore was the centre of all the cultural, religious, political and social activities, that’s why it was selected first but the range of established transmitter of Lahore was less than eight miles. It was closed in 1930 due to the bankruptcy of the company. In 193 7, a small Radio station was installed with
the collaboration of Marconi Company which was the trading company. This station was regional and transmitted medium-waves.
In 1936, Marconi Company established a Radio station in Peshawar which was handed over to the government in 1936.


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