Sunday, 7 December 2014

Write detailed note on electronic media of the modern world

The medium in which we use electronic devices for transferring messages, information and ideas from sender to the receiver is called the electronic media. It includes radio, television, film, video and internet.

1. Television :
Television commands over both audio and visual reach. Nowadays television is very important medium of information, entertainment and education. Television has powerful role in all spectrum of human life.

2. Radio :
Radio is also an important and effective medium of mass communication. Radio goes across the geographical limits. It has very vast approach, so Radio communicates with those whose reach can’t touch television.

3. Tape-recorder :
It is used for listening tape cassettes for entertaining purpose and for communication and learning process. Tape-recorder is also used for interviews and for educational purposes.

4. Video :
Video is also effective medium of mass communication, but at present, it is used for entertainment, education and propaganda.

5. Film :
Film was thought as an effective mean of communication. After emergence of Radio and television, film had lost its importance. People started to watch TV at homes, instead of going to cinema houses.
Even then a large number of people have to go to watch film at cinema. Film is being used for educational, religious and political purposes nowadays. We can promote our culture through films. Film-making can be used to promote our culture and propagation against or in favour of certain ideologies.

6. Internet : 
The emergence of the computer and interlinked computer networks, such as the internet, has created a new channel for machine-assisted mass communication. E-mail is a good example of one-to-one machine assisted communication and has characteristics similar to the telephone and written letters. Chat rooms, electronic bulletin boards represent a special case of machine-assisted communication where many are communicating to many.


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