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Write a note on main sources of news


During the primitive times, the command of the ruler; used to be conveyed to the people through the beat of drums. The similar method was used in conveying information pertaining to different matters. The newspapers over a period of time have developed their techniques and methods to carry information to their readers. Similar was the case with the news agencies who developed their own methods to carry information from their offices to the offices of their subscribers these are newspapers. The news agencies also developed their links outside their own countries to secure news. Nowadays newspapers have developed their ways of news gathering. Main news sources of newspapers, news agencies and electronic media are as follows:

1. News Agencies :
Readers of present age want to know news about all over the world. For getting international news, newspapers sign contracts with different news agencies and receive news from these agencies through fax, printer and news photo transmission etc. Besides foreign news agencies, national news agencies also deliver news to newspapers through fax and printer. Some international news agencies are :


AP  =  Associated Press


AFP  =   Agence France Presse (Agency France Press)


NNA  = National News Agency

ANN  = Asian News Network

2. Reporters & Correspondents :
The reporter, who goes out for news, is consequently a highly important person in the newspaper organization. He brings in news which is the commodity in which all newspapers deal. Without reporters, there can be little business in news and without news there can be no newspapers. Every newspaper organization has a team of reporters, who work under the final supervision of chief reporter. They receive their assignments from him. These correspondents are appointed in different cities. They are also important
source of news. They send news from small towns and cities to the newspaper offices.

3. Radio :
Almost all newspapers in a country monitor news from the major foreign Radio networks and publish the information for their readers. They also listen to the national broadcast for news. The newspapers benefit themselves from the Radio news because they are considered to be the latest. Moreover, it does not cost them anything by way of money. The authenticity of the news broadcast by a Radio is generally taken for granted.

4. Television :
Television is another important source of news. The newspapers listen to the news telecast by T.V. The news telecast by T.V. also carry the reputation of authenticity. Besides supplying the news, the T.V. reports give a pictorial view of an event. The T.V. establishments generally enter inter-agreements for mutual exchange of film reports with one another. These reports when telecast give sufficient material to newspapers to convey information to the readers.

5. Letters to the Editor :
Letters to the editor are also another important source of news by which the editor gets news from the letters of general people. Through these letters, people express their views and suggestions on different local, national and international issues. Sometimes, the writer of a letter gives news worthy information in his letter which is published in the newspapers as a news.

6. Press Releases :
Each day, the bulk of a newspaper’s mail consists of press releases from a variety of business and governmental sources. These are also called handouts. Such releases often provide useful background. Press release is also issued by various news agencies. These agencies are major source of news for most newspapers. Some time, newspapers buy material on specific Subjects from free lance journalists.

7. Press Note :
Press notes are issued by the government, whenever some information in categorical terms or unambiguous terms is to be provided to the general public. They contain information on specific matters in which the government’s firm stand is to be explained. The press notes are to be published by the newspapers, in the manner they are received by them. No change in the context is required. It is last word on government viewpoint. They are not issued as frequently to newspapers as the handouts by the governments. They are issued whenever a need for highlighting government’s firm stand arises.

8. Handout :
Handouts are issued for informing the people about the government and semi-government- policies. A handout is a document containing information's which are Circulated for general» information. The handouts may be issued by an organization to convey information to the general public at large. The handouts nowadays being issued contain material in respect of activities of the government institutions and organizations. The handouts highlight the activities of the government, in different fields. They contain information about tours of ministers and appointments of high officials.

9. Police Headquarters :
Police stations and headquarters are a valuable source of information. Each city has number of police stations. Policemen working in these stations keep a record of all the criminal acts registered in police station. Reporters remain in touch with the police station and collect all cases having news value.

10. Press Conferences :
Newspapers give full coverage to the press conferences addressed by various personalities. The statement made at the start of the press conference explaining the precise reason for calling the press conference. Later on, questions are invited from the newsmen to clear their doubts or for further elucidation of the points made in the press conference earlier.

11. Hospitals :
Another big source is the hospitals from where news of cases regarding accidents, etc. are known. A person can file a case against another, like the complaint against the police and this information can be had not from the pleader alone but also from the attendance in courts.

12. Press Interviews :
One yet another important source of the news for the newspaper is a press interview. Interviews are secured to obtain information pertaining to different activities and fields. Men in the news are interviewed subject to the requirement of the newspapers for securing publicity material.

13. Newspapers and Magazines :
The newspapers and magazines, both national and international contain good material for publication by the newspapers. Stories are published by a newspaper from interviews published in the magazines. Similarly, the magazines and newspapers published abroad are also benefited by the newspapers. The newspapers derive news from reports appearing in foreign press.

14. National and Provincial Assemblies :
National and Provincial assemblies are very important places for newsmen. Newspapers daily give some space for assembly sessions.
Many other important news sources are :

  • Airport
  • Fire Stations
  • Educational Institutions, Boards and Universities
  • National Centers
  • Pubilc Relations Department
  • Press Information Department
  • Press Club
  • Political Leaders and Political Parties 
  • Embassies and Hotels
  • Courts
  • Stock Exchanges and Banks
  • Sports Complex etc.


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