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Who was the founder of chain publications in the Sub-Continent

Munshi Mahboob Alam was born in 1865. He established “Matba-i-Khadim-ul-Taleem” in 1885. He had a keen interest in agriculture, so he became general secretary of Agricultural Development Association. He was very hardworking person. He established a big printing press in Lahore having seventeen machines. He was the founder of chain publications.
He went to England in 1900. He was the second journalist after Sir Syed, who went to England for an educational visit. He started “Intikhab Lajawab” after inspiring from “Tit-Bits”. He passed away in 1933. Details of his chain publications is as give under :

1. Paisa Akhbar :
Paisa Akhbar was started in 1887 from Ferozewala. It was the flag bearer of popular journalism. It had the lowest price, only one paisa.

2. Zamindar :
“Zamindar” was started in 1886 for the betterment of landlords. It was a monthly magazine consisted on twenty-five pages.

3. Himmat :
It was started on January lst, ‘1887 from Ferozewala. It was weekly magazine having four pages. There were about three hundred news on two pages.

4. Intikhab Lajawab :
It was started on the pattern of “Tit-Bits”. Scientific information, extracts of classical writings and jokes were included in its publication.

5. Bachon Ka Akhbar :
For children, Mahboob Alam started “Bachon Ka Akhbar”. Stories, poems and other interesting material for children was given in it in a simple language.

6. Shareef Bibi :
He started a magazine for women, named Shareef Bibi. It provided guidance to solve women’s problems.

7. Baghban :
Like Zamindar, it was also started for the betterment of cultivators.

8. Kaleed-i-Imtehan :
In addition to all above mentioned newspapers, he started a magazine Kaleed-i-Imtehan for students. It guided the youngsters in other fields than education also.

9. The Sun :
An English newspaper “The Sun” was started by Munshi Mahboob Alam. He was very innovative by nature. He tried to make his newspapers better. All his newspapers were succeeded in their relative field.


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