Monday, 26 January 2015

Write a note on Press Note

Press Note

Definition :
Press notes are those devices of communication, by which a Government policy or an important announcement is issued for the information of the public. In its nature, a press note is important as compared with the handout in all implicit and explicit aspects. It is usually drafted and composed in formal language from the textual point of view, no deviation is permissible. It also designed to communicate and transmit information in strict sense of the word, with no deviation allowable.

Basic points :
From the study and examination of the definition and nature of the press note, we can deduce the basic points as enumerated below :

1. Press notes are issued by the Government for the information of the general public.

2. Press note contains information in unambiguous and categorical terms.

3. Press notes are invariably linked with the basic policy or stand of the Government on some specific issues.

4. Press notes are specially attuned to accuracy of presentation, whereby a sort of credibility is created.

5. Press notes are the effective tools of bridging the communication gap, by resorting to both the outward and the inward public relation.

6. Press notes normally carry the idea of firm stand on the part of the Government.

7. Press notes are usually reproduced in the newspaper and other mass media in the similar order and manner, as they are received.

8. Press notes are closely related to the announcements of Government’s basic policy as such the newspapers cannot change, reduce or alter their contents in any manner.

9. Press notes as being firm stand and Governments basic policy, is not liable to frequent alteration. As such these are usually and decidedly the last work, which may, however, be revised if genuinely required.

10. The frequency of the press note is not the same as with the handouts. It is undertaken only to highlight the stand and the viewpoint of the Government on some significantly national event or issue and when needed.


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