Friday, 30 January 2015

Write a note on Print Line

Print Line

On the last page of the newspaper where the name of editor, publisher, printer and the city of the newspaper are written.

Here is an example of ‘print line’ of The Indian Times which shows the name of publisher and printer of the paper.
Published and printed by Shakar Panday for News-Publications (Pvt) Ltd., at Indian Times Press, Davis Road, Chandigarh. Regd. LRL No. 101

Another example of print line which gives the name of the organization, i.e., Herald Publications (Pvt) Ltd. Also the name of printer and publisher of the Magazine‘Aurora’.

Design: Creative Unit (Pvt) Ltd.
Printed and published by Ghulam Ali A. Mirza at Hyderabad Herald Press Ltd. For India Herald
Publications (Pvt) Ltd.


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