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Define education or Different definitions of education

Define education 

Education is a process of change which embodies all these forms of activities that fit an individual for social living and that help transmit the mankind heritage from one generation to another. Here are some established definitions of education.

  • Socrates :  Education refers to discover the universal principles of  truth, beauty and goodness which govern human conduct.
  • Plato :  Education is the process of development of the mind and body of. man so that he/she eagerly pursues the ideals. perfection of citizenship.
  • Aristotle : Education is the process of training man to fulfill his aims by exercising all the faculties to the fullest extent as a member of society. This aim is discovered by intellect and by his freewill.
  • Benjamin Rush : Education is an endeavor for the making of better people, better nation and consequently a better humanity.
  • Samuel Knox : Education refers to instruct and improve minds and to perfect the youth so as to ensure the welfare and prosperity of the society.
  • Friedrick Herbart : Education is the process of formation of the highest moral character of the individual through many sided interests.
  • Spencer : Education is the preparation for complete life.
  • Ellis : Education is a process by which a person gains understanding of self as well as the environment.
  • Parker : Education consists of training a child to participate in life activities systematically, to love work and to put his brain and heart into his work.
  • Frobel : Education is the process of preparation for making life pleasant and acquaintance with right principles of life.
  • Hutchins : Education is the activity of instructing humanity to the individuals.
  • J. S. Mill : Education refers to the acquisition of excellences and transmission to the next generation.
  • Rousseau : Education is the process of development of child’s individuality in the natural environment. 
  • Pestalozzi : Education is the activity of integrated and gradual development of individuals abilities.
  • Comenius : Education is a manufacturing enterprise which produced men capable of performing social liabilities.
  • John Dewey : Education is the reconstruction or reorganization of experience which adds to the meaning of experience and which increases to direct the course of subsequent experiences.
  • Huxley : Education is the instruction of the intellect in the law of Nature under which I include not merely things and their forces but men and their way and the fashioning of the affections and of the will into an earnest and loving desire to move in harmony with these laws.
  • Ghazali : Education is the activity of enabling an individual to recognize God and discriminate between good and evil.
  • Shah Wali ullah : Education is the activity of developing the sense of good and evil so that an individual can choose the good and reject the evil.

Comprehensive definitions of education

  • Education is a process of change in which an individual is equipped with the human academic and cultural heritage for the purpose of stable and successful individual and'group life.
  • Education is social process that. aims at the all-round development of human personality. This development is gradual in nature that leads to the accomplishment of human self. 
  • Education is the activity of recognizing God, Universe; and Man. This recognition leads the individual to understand the demands of life, society and the environment as well.
  • Education is such a social and conscious activity by which a society takes steps to transmit its religious, cultural, social, moral and economic traditions and skills to the next generations.
  • Education is a process through which a society transmits its collected excellenccs to the next generations. For this purpose. the society established formal schools, colleges and universities.

Further conceive the following definitions of education

  • Education is the process of change in human behavior, attitudes and potentials which consequently lift an individual from animal level and place onto human level so as to pave the way to human welfare.
  • Education is a‘ social process which encompasses all aspects of human-development. This development leads a man to perfection. 
  • Education is a conscious activity of transmitting cultural heritage and human endeavors to the next generations for social'stability and survival.
  • Education refers to those activities which aim at the humanization of man. Thus, education makes a man ‘a man’.
  • Education refers to the. activity of modifying human behavior, developing individual’s faculties and understanding natural laws so as to secure human success and global peace.
  • Education is such a social process which aims at developing the potentials of an individual so that the individual and collective development may be paved.
  • Education refers to organized and sustained instruction designed to communicate a combination of knowledge, skills and understanding valuable for all the activities of life.
  • Education includes all the process that develops human ability and behavior.
  • Education is a sum total of processes by means of which a society transmits its acquired power and aims with a view to securing its own continuous existence and growth.


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