Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Give an account of the abilities an individual possess

Man is a masterpiece of GOD, the Almighty who is a combination of various abilities. Man has collected much knowledge of universe and society by means of these abilities. Education develops the abilities of the individual and thereby enables them to benefit themselves of these abilities. A. normal individual, in general,
contains the following abilities:-

Physical abilities : 

The physical abilities refer to those abilities that enable an individual to perform physical functions. For instance, running is an activity that is based on physical ability. I have a fountain pen in my right hand. Its movements depend on my physical ability. If one is deprived of this ability, he cannot participate in life actively.

Cognitive abilities : 

The cognitive abilities are those abilities that enable an individual to adjust with the environment. The cognitive ability is manifested in the appropriate attitudes, skills,and balanced personality. For instance, I am writing the script of the book this time. The process of the preparation of the script is due to cognitive ability. The process of the development of this script is because of the cognitive ability. This process of development can be seen in the form of organized and meaningful lines of words.

Social abilities : 

The social abilities are those abilities that enable an individual a balanced and adjusted member of the society. This ability brings about social adjustment and development of appropriate social attitudes in an individual. An individual co-operates the other members of the society due to the social ability. This very social ability enables an individual to live life according to the social traditions.

Emotional abilities : 

The emotional abilities are those abilities that are attributed to the particular emotions and sentiments for a particular ideology, event or action. These emotional abilities enable an individual to love his civilizational heritage, to develop friendship with his fellows and to develop the feelings of sacrifice for his motherland.

Moral abilities : 

The moral abilities are those abilities that bring about sense of good and evil in an individual. These abilities enable an individual to discriminate between good and evil. This discriminating ability of good and evil is based on moral ability of the individual. The moral abilities of the society are developed on the basis of this ability. When a person loves to speak the truth and hates the falsehood, this is because of the moral ability.


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