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What is the concept, literal meaning and technical meaning of education

Concept of education

Education is'the process of change. It includes all those activities that make an individual to become a useful member of the society. It also provides its services in the transmission of human heritage from one generation to another. In fact, change is the basic element of the process of education. This very element is the key to progress of individual and society.

Literal meaning of education

The word ‘education’ has its origin in the Latin word ‘educatum’ composed of two terms ‘E’ and ‘Duco’. ‘E’ implies a progress frominward to outward while Duco’ means developing or progressing. In its most literal sense, education means becoming developed from inside to outside. Thus, education is the process of
developing the inner abilities of the individuals. The term ‘education’ is also connected with the Latin ‘E’ meaning ‘out’ and ‘ducere’ meaning to ‘lead out’. In this sense, education means drawing out or bringing out the best of what a person is capable of However, some experts relate the word ‘education’ with the Latin rooted word ‘educare/educere’ meaning propulsion (development) from the internal to the external. Thus, this Latin term means to educate through a change brought about by practice. It implies change for the betterment in the individual. In this sense, education is drawing out of the best in child’s mind, body and spirit.

Technical meaning of education

The lexical meaning of the term ‘education’ leads us to the technical meaning of the term. Technically speaking, education is as process of change and development of the individual. This continuous process aims at transmitting. information, skills and cultural heritage from one generation to another. It attempts to draw out of the best in child’s mind and body. A system of education is developed for the training of individual’s faculties. Thus education is the manifestation of the perfection that already exists in man. It indicates that there is a ‘self’ in man which is a part of universal reality. The purpose of education is to make an individual aware of the cosmic power in him and enable him to draw this out to lead a successful life. I further honestly speak that.

  • Education is a social process that enables an‘individual to lead a balanced life in the society in the light of human academic‘heritage.
  • Education is the activity of development of human mind and character in the light of national ideology and collective consciousness so that a sound and stable may come into existence.

  • Education is a formal process that aims at development of the faculties of the individuals so that they may utilize the available resources scattered around them.
  • Education is such a process of change in human character, attitudes and potentials that lift man from the animal level to the human level and there by paves the way to human total welfare.
  • Education is such a social activity that aims at the development of human faculties so that the purpose of individual and group growth can be achieved.


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