Friday, 27 February 2015

What is the scope of education

Education is concerned with individual and society. This relationship is seen in the observable changes. Good education brings about positive changes. The range of these changes determines the range or scope of education. Education is a change that can be seen in human behaviors in the following forms.

Cognitive change : 

Cognitive change refers to the increase in information and depth in concepts. For instance, acquaintance of a student of education with the books of John Dewey. is a cognitive change. The information, concepts and theories of different subjects are transmitted to the students during the educative process. They are concerned with the comprehension and understanding of the students. This understanding brings about cognitive change in the individuals. The significant elements of the cognitive change are mentioned below :-

  • Recognition of the things present in the environment and preserve the concerned information in the memory. 
  • Recalling the information at the conscious level of mind with the help of memory.
  • Explanation of the information and concepts collected.
  • Discovering the mutual relationship of the elements of information and concepts.

Affective change : 

The affective change is concerned with the formulation of attitudes, habits and feelings of an individual, An individual expresses his/her liking or disliking under the affective change. For instance, if an individual loves
truthfulness and feels pleasure in speaking the truth, this is due to affective change. This change contains the following significant characteristics :-

  • It formulates human attitudes and habits.
  • It forces the individual to express his/her liking and disliking.
  • This change serves as a foundation of an individual’s actions.
  • It tells an individual the value of an idea and life.
  • This change is, in general, a permanent part of an individual’s mind.
  • This change shapes the personality of an individual in a particular form.

Psychomotor Change : 

The psychomotor change refers to a change that enables an individual to participate in practical activities. The physical organs of the Individual play an important role in these activities. Driving an auto, browsing the internet, assisting the handicapped are the simple examples of psychomotor change. The significant characteristics of this change are listed below :- 

  • This change is the result of individual’s personal efforts. 
  • This change is closely concerned With the physical organs of the individual.
  • This change enables an individual to participate in an activity.
  • This change is concerned with the previous knowledge and experience of the individual.


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