Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Define a system of education, what its salient elements are and which is the most significant element

A system of education refers to the educational strategy organized for the fulfillment of individual and collective requirements and aspirations. o A system of’ education refers to such a body of interlinked and organized elements which aims at getting the objectives of education. a A system of education is such a meaningful and organized body of elements that makes efforts to get the objectives of education.
Following are the salient components (elements) of a system of education:-

  • Objectives of education
  • Curriculum 
  • Learning
  • Student 
  • Teacher 
  • Teacher’s training
  • Teaching strategy 
  • Administration of education
  • Educational planning 
  • Examination system

According to the educationists, ‘objectives of education’ are the most significant element of a system of education. They give birth to a System of education for a nation. They provide the justification for the existence of a system of education.


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