Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Objectives of Education

I occasionally wish to understand why i was sent to the school in my childhood. This practice continued and the very ‘question of why ‘brought me to the learned scholars of my time. Perhaps, the fulfillment of some conscious or unconscious desires is the foundation of my academic endeavor. The society helps me in fulfilling my desires by establishing formal educational institutions. I am not separated with society. I am a unit of society and it consists of individuals like I am. The society keeps watch my aspirations and makes necessary arrangements for the fulfillment of these aspirations The aspirations of  the society and mine are, in fact, the objectives of education for which a formal and organized system of education is developed.
                                                                                                                An extract from Maiki’s diary


Human survival and strength lie in the existence of society. That is why; mankind united itself in terms of a society. Then another question arises how to maintain the survival of society and human conscious. The individual of the society carry out the process of education in response to that question. This process of education turned into an organized system of education with the passage of time. A system of education transmits the societal excellence to the forthcoming generations and thereby ensures the continuity of the society. The existence of a society largely depends on education. The objectives of education are, in fact, the steps taken for maintaining the existence of a society. If there is no society, there would be no concept of the educative process. Education is a source of preparation of the individuals required by the society. The educative process is responsible for the fulfillment of the pro-determined objectives. These objectives motivate the process of education..A system of education cannot survive with the pre-determined objectives of education. A system of education comes into being for the fulfillment of the individual and collective aspirations. This system of education is the chief source of the fulfillment of the objectives of education.


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