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What are the levels (stages) of general education

General education is administered by a formal system. This education aims at developing the abilities of the individual and enable them participate in the development of the country in a prestigious manner. For the convenience of administration and consideration of psychological principles, general education is
categorized into the following three levels :-

Elementary level : 

Elementary level is the first phase of general education. This is the start of formal education. This level, usually, consists of eight year of education. This level can be further divided into primary level and post-primary level. Elementary education enables a child to learn basic skill, fundamental knowledge of
language and the basic social values.

Secondary level : 

Secondary education is the second phase of general education. This level of education decides a clear direction for an individual. It also decides the profession for the individuals according to their natural tendencies. This level is further divided into post-secondary level and higher secondary level. According to
the educationists, this level of education provides necessary grounds for entering higher education.

Higher level : 

Higher education is the final phase of general education. It provides experts, intelligentsia, intellectuals, leaders and authorities in various fields of life. This phase is further divided into four categories of graduation level, post-graduation level, doctoral level and post-doctoral level. This level of education is conducted in colleges and universities.


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