Sunday, 15 March 2015

What are the professional aims of education

The professional aims of education are. concerned with the professional training of the individuals. Under these aims, individuals of the society are acquainted with the skills necessary for the concerned professions. These aims are also linked with the preparation of skilled work, force for the. society. With the acquisition of professional aims of education, skilled professionals are provided to the country. These professionals play their productive role in the national development. To me, following are the significant professional aims of today’s education :-

Preparation for professions : 

This is not the only aim of education to literate men. It also enables them to adopt a profession according to the abilities of the individuals. Preparation for professions is one of the important professional aims of education. Only the professionally trained individuals can play their effective and productive role in the economic activities of the society. Education is the only means of developing the professional skills in the individuals so that they may enter specific professions successfully.

Social welfare : 

Social welfare. of the people largely depends on various professions. If the people are skilled, professionally trained and competent, they may earn their lawful livelihood by adopting a profession. A professionally trained individual is, generally, well-aware and socially-adjusted. His social role brings about social peace and integrity. On contrary, an unskilled and illiterate individual may have the tendency to indulge in the anti-social activities. His anti-social behavior Can cause social unrest and dysfunction.

Acquaintance with today’s technology : 

Today’s age is the age of technology. Even this technology is replaced with another one in quick succession. The quick change in technology, new ideas and new discoveries has entirely changed the demands of life. In the circumstance, it seems necessary to equip the professionals of the country with the modern technology so that they may develop their professional abilities and harmonize themselves with new demands of technology. If the professionals are not equipped with new technological visions, they will be able to cope with the modern needs of the professions.

All-round national development : 

All-round development of a country largely depends on the professions. The professions like medicine, engineering, teaching, farming, publishing, advertising, calligraphy and book writing etc pave the way to the
all-round comprehensive development of the country. If the professionals belonging to different professions do not play their role, the process ’of development may discontinue. If there is a lack of skilled professional, there is no visible development in the country.

Participation of private sector in economic activities : 

When highly skilled individual are produced by means of education, they set up their own production units instead of looking for jobs in the government‘sector. In this way, burden on the public sector lessens. This tendency adopted by the professionals becomes visible in terms of new units of production. The experts maintain that the number of production units affects the degree of economic stability of the country. With the participation of the private sector in the field of production, the ratio of unemployment reduces and the people begin to become prosperous. it also increases the pace of industrial development of the country. Besides this, the people find new ways of developing their abilities to meet the challenging demands of the day.


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