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What are the social aims of education

Social aims of education are concerned with the social stability, reconstruction, development and social agreeableness. The goal of social welfare is directly associated with the fulfillment of social aims of education. According to the educational sociologists, following are the social aims of education :-

Social, agreeableness : 

This is the responsibility'of education to take measure for social agreeableness and adjustment of the individual. Education should enable the individuals to live according to the social values and traditions. No society can attain the goal of social stability without the social adjustment of the individual. Social adjustment is necessary for the self-actualization of the individual. This is the responsibility of education to help the individuals in making adjustment with the society.

Civic training : 

Education gives an individual a clear understanding of social rights and duties. If a person is socially trained, he will prove himself a balanced and useful citizen. Education is the only source by. which an individual is given civic training. Education is the key to producing the sentiments of obedience and respect for social values and state laws. This respect and obedience observed'by an individual help in maintaining social stability in the society.

Promotion of social values : 

Education is the most effective source of promotion of social values and traditions. Preservation, promotion and transmission of social values cannot be ensured without the educative process. According to the experts,
promotion of social values brings about social stability and consequently this very social stability makes a society invincible.

Reconstruction of society : 

Social reconstruction and reorganization is the basic function cf society. This is the responsibility of education to make the righteous thoughts and ideals as the part of Culture. It should‘take necessary practical steps for
social development and reconstruction. Social positive evolution is not possible if education does not perform the function of social reconstruction.

Social awakening : 

Education develops the approved social behavior in the individuals. It also enables an individual to make a useful citizen of the society. The social attitudes and behaviors like collaboration, cooperation, sacrifice, benevolence and respecter humanity are the products of education. If there is no education, there will be no concept of social awareness and consequently no social integration in the society.

Popularization of the concept of unity of human race : 

Unity of human race is a feeling under which an individual considers the human race as one family. According to this feeling, all the human-beings of the world are the members of the same family. This feeling paves the way to global. human society which is free from all biases. The concept of unity of human race can be promoted through education. Due to the effects of education, an individual considers the whole humanity as the members of one family. This particular thinking and feeling of an individual can establish a global human society.

Development of political insight : 

Education generates political insight. In this regard, development of political insight and understanding is the primary social aim of education. Due to this particular understanding, an individual becomes able to solve the national problems and social complications. If an individual is equipped with necessary political insight, he will be in a position to select suitable representative for running the business of the state. In this way, the society will get the goal of political stability. This political stability will lead to social integrity afterward.


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