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Define Growth and differentiate between growth and development

Growth refers to changes inhuman weight, height and structure. It is a part of development which is primarily concerned with the human physique.

  • Growth refers, to quantitative changes in an organism particularly growth in size and structure. 
  • Growth means a measurable increase in size, height, weight and length of the various parts of the body.  
Growth refers to the change in height, width and bone structure of an individual. On the other hand, development refers to a continuous process of changes through which task managing abilities of the individual are polished resulting in experiences and learning. In simple words, development refers to several changes taking place in the individual. Growth is a part of development that is concerned only with the physical development.

                       Difference between Growth and Development

Growth :-

  • Growth is concerned with the quantitative changes.
  • Growth may be looked upon as the cellular multiplication.  
  • Growth does not continue throughout life.
  • Growth is an aspect of development.
  • Changes occurred due to growth are observable and measurable.
  • The changes occurred due to growth takes place under natural principles.
  • Various parts of body become larger due to growth.
  • Increase in height, weight and structure is regarded as growth.
Development :-
  • Development is concerned with the qualitative changes.
  • Development may be looked upon as organization of all the parts which growth has produced.
  • development goes on continuously throughout the human life-span.
  • Development is an integrated whole which includes growth too.
  • The development changes cannot be measured scientifically.
  • Development changes are concerned with learning, experiences and observations of individual.
  • An organization is functions of various parts of body is observed due to development.
  • Development includes intelligence, social understanding, expertise in language and utilization of educational opportunities.


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