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Discuss the political gains of education

Man has established many institutions for the organization of collective life. ‘State’ is the most remarkable of all these. The state plays a valuable role in the formation of human life. It grants meaning to the social life. A healthy political system cannot be established in the society without education. Education provides organized foundation on which the society ensures its survival. It develops the political awareness of the individual and makes the useful citizens of the society. Education and politics are concomitant to each other. To me, following are the valuable political gains of education :-

Political insight : 

Education enables an individual to comprehend and solve the political problems. This is the fundamental right of every citizen to express his opinion. This is possible only if he has been politically trained in an organized
manner. Education cultivates critical and philosophical abilities in the individual which enable them to trace the positive solutions of the political problems.

Leadership : 

A good system of education ensures the provision of political leaders to the country. Education develops the leadership qualities in the individuals and then they are capable of performing the duty of leadership. Education enables the individuals to make political policies for the smooth running of the political affairs of the country. This is the only way for securing national stability and integrity.

Character formation : 

Education builds the character of the individuals in the light of national ideology and social values. After being education, the social and political character of an individual thus becomes the true follower of the national values and traditions. Then, we observe the national values in the character and conduct of the individual. A country needs sincere, industrious, honest, patriot and untiring persons to run the political affairs. This is the responsibility of education to provide such persons to the society.

Internationalization : 

Means of communication and the means of transportation have brought the countries of the world close to one another. All the citizens belonging to different countries are now considered the citizen of a single global
state. Education produces such individual who may understand the international affairs and thereby run the business of the state in a wisely manner. Education enables the individual to understand the modern changing international trends. This. is what we call cultivation of internationalization in the terminology of education.

National unity & stability : 

The destination of national unity and stability is achieved by means of education. Education makes the people aware of their cultural and nationalization heritage. The instruction of the Same curriculum. makes the people
united and . integrated. It produces the feelings of fraternity and mutual affection among of the people of the country. A feeling of patriotism is awakened in the hearts of the people through education. No country can get progress unless the citizens are united together because mutual differences cause political unrest.

Public opinion : 

Every government plans various projects of social welfare according to the pre-decided policies. The people of a country become aware of those policies through formal and non-formal education. In this way, various modes of education level the public opinion for the execution of those policies and the government succeeds in the acquisition of objectives. The experts hold that education is the most significant tool for leveling and Changing the public opinion.

Development of creativity : 

One of the significant aims of education is to produce the critical and creative abilities so that an individual may look into the political affairs seriously. The people having concerns with politics are usually confronted
with new conditions and circumstances. They have to look into various circumstances from a variety of angles. In these circumstances, the creative and critical abilities help the individual a lot. These abilities pave the way for all-round development of the individual and the society.


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