Saturday, 5 December 2015

Discuss the role of teachers, parents and government in connection with the aptitudinal differences of the students

The students of a class vary in aptitudes. These very aptitudes enable them play their roles in various fields of life. The role of teachers, parents and the government, in connection with the aptitudinal differences, is described in the following Points :

  • The teachers should help the students in the selection of  subjects and profession in conformity with their aptitudes.
  • The teachers should impart education in accordance with the natural tendencies of the students. They should use the methods of instruction which cope with the aptitudes and trends of the students.
  • The teachers should point out the aptitudes of the students by means of aptitude tests so that they may design their instructional strategies.
  • The parents should not force their children to opt those subjects which are compatible with their aptitudes and natural tendencies. If they are bound to do so, they would not be able to exhibit excellent performance in the field of education.
  • The parents should provide the opportunities to participate in the activities which match with the aptitudes of the children. This is the only way to develop the natural abilities of the children.
  • This is the responsibility of the state to established aptitudinal schools so that the students should be educated according to their respective aptitudes.


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