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Harmony between heredity and environment is necessary and Give arguments in favor of the statement

Human personality takes effects from heredity and environment. The harmony between heredity and environment leads to individual and collective welfare. Every man is born with natural abilities. An appropriate environment is required for the development of these abilities. Development of abilities and an
appropriate environment are interdependent. The human personality development is subjected to the harmony between heredity and environment. The harmony between the two is significant due to the following reasons:

  • An individual’s behavior develops due to the harmony between heredity and environment. A renowned psychologist, Dr. Munn holds that heredity brings about the possibility of natural ability. This probable ability is provided the opportunities of development by the environment. For instance, a child is a born genius. Genius is a hereditary trait. This child belongs to a poor family. He did not find the opportunities of schooling. His natural intelligence could not be developed due to the inappropriate environment. Here we may conclude that the hereditary traits cannot develop without appropriate environment.
  • Every individual strives for adjusting in such an environment for which he/she possesses relevant hereditary trait. For example, the people who have the natural ability of play writing search out the opportunities for drama writing training. If they are provided appropriate training their natural ability of drama writing may be developed and they may turn into genuine playwrights (drama writers). If they do not have the natural ability of drama writing, they could not have been turned into good playwrights. The hereditary traits and natural abilities serve as raw material in the development of personality and behavior.
  • The favorable environment brings the natural abilities to the world scene and moulds them according to the needs of the society. For example, a child has the ability of becoming a good hockey player. But he Was not provided the balanced diet and training which was necessary for becoming a good player. So to say, he was not provided favorable environment and conditions. The unfavorable environment did not allow the hereditary traits to develop and the child could not become a good player of hockey. On contrary, a child had a lesser ability of becoming a player. of hockey as compared to the earlier. But he became a good hockey player due to the balanced diet, proper rearing and training. The favorable environment helped him in becoming a good player. A particular region produces players of hockey, cricket, squash and other sports due to the specific environment and conditions.
  • Heredity is like a seed that has the probable ability of turning into a tree. If the seed is provided proper water, light and supervision the possibilities of  turning the seed into a tree would increase. Likewise, if the hereditary traits are provided favorable environment and training, the individual would turn into concrete form of human personality. Training can turn an individual into a poet if he/she has the natural inclination for poetry. If he/she has not natural tendency for poetry, training would be useless for him/her.


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