Saturday, 9 January 2016

Define learning by role playing and What the steps in learning role playing by are

Learning through role playing refers to the learning which becomes the part of behavior by practical experiences and activities. Calligraphy, typing, horse riding, commercial flying and playing cricket are the significant examples of role playing. These skills can only become the part of personality when the individual him/herself practically participate in these practical skills. Learning by role playing is primarily based on practical activities and skills. To me, learning by role playing is a significant mode of learning which allows the skills to become the part of human personality. Following are the necessary steps involved in the learning by role playing :

  • Identification of the problem : the individual determines his/her problem or goal. Here, he/she decides what does he/she need or wish to solve.
  • Consideration of various steps for getting the goal : the individual explains the significance of the problem to be solved or the goal to be achieved. He/she also describes the foundations on which he/she wishes to solve the problem or achieve the goal.
  • Selection of appropriate steps and sources : the individual thinks about various measures, sources and means for the solution of the problem or for the realization of the goal.
  • Execution of the selected steps and sources : the individual selects the sources and means which may aid in solving the problem or achieving the goal.
  • Theoretical study of the selected sources and steps : the individual studies the theoretical foundations of the selected sources and means and afterward starts acquiring the practical expertise concerning the selected sources.
  • Making efforts to overcome the mistakes : the individual commits mistakes during the acquisition of practical skill and consciously strives for overcoming these mistakes.
  • Removing the mistakes and solving the problem : the individual succeeds in removing all the mistakes and thereby solves his/her problem or get his/her goal.
  • The learned skill paves the way to learn future skills : the individual gets mastery over the practical skill by means of repeated exercise and thereby get the ability for getting further skills in future.


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