Monday, 29 February 2016

Discuss three significant learning theories which have been developed by the cognitive theorists

K. Kafka, W. Koehler and Ausubel are the significant cognitive theorists. They presented their thoughts regarding learning. These thoughts have been developed into theories which are discussed in the following lines :

Gestalt learning theory (approach) : 

Gestalt theory of learning is a basic learning model in which a person analyses the whole situation for the understanding and solution of new problems and then responds appropriately.

Insight learning theory (approach) : 

Insight theory of learning refers to the sudden reconstruction of the situation and awareness of all the relevant aspects of the problems for the solution of the problem.

A Information processing learning theory (approach) :

Information processing model of learning views learning operations as taking place in stages e.g. input, coding, storage, retrieval, decoding and output. They are put forward as computer programs.


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