Thursday, 14 April 2016

Discuss the concept of Counseling

Counseling refers to an advice given to a disturbed individual from a competent professional person.
  • Counseling is a process of giving advice to the students on their scholastic development and career patterns. 
  • Counseling refers to giving therapy to the students showing signs of disturbed behavior and stress. 
  • Counseling consists of the processes of interviewing, testing and advising to help an individual solve problems and plan for the future. 
  • Counseling is a process of aiding an individual to solve his/her adjustment and personal problems through the medium of face to face interview. 
  • Carl Rogers says that counseling is a series of direct contact with the individual which aims to offer him assistance in changing his attitudes and behavior. 
  • Wren thinks that counseling is a personal and dynamic relationship between the two individuals. 
  • Myers says that counseling implies a relationship between two individuals in which one gives a certain kind of assistance to the other. 
  • Williamson says that counseling is a personalized and individualized process designed to aid the individual to learn school subject-matter, habits, skills and attitudes. 
  • Andrew says that counseling is a mental learning process. It involves two individuals one seeking help and the other a professionally trained person helping the first to orient and direct himself towards a goal which leads to his maximum development and growth in his environment. 
  • Brammer opines that counseling is a self-adjustive process which helps the client in becoming more self-directive and self-responsible.


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