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Define the concept ‘Curriculum’ in the light of the Views of distinguished scholars

The ‘word "curriculum” has been derived from the Latin word ‘currer’. Lexically Speaking, curriculum means a runway. The term ‘curriculum’ was first used by the Scottish in 1820. In the beginning, this Word was used in the meaning of ‘riding’ but with the passage of time, it began to be used in sense of ‘course of study’. On contrary, the Greek used this word in the sense of development of abilities. This passage reveals that the concept of curriculum has been repeatedly changing from time to time.
According to some other historical traditions, the term ‘curriculum” implies an ‘athletic ground”. Thus, it indicates that Curriculum is the ground through. Which the educand has to pass in order to reach a definite goal. In the remote past, this term was also taken to mean a collection of knowledge and skill. But the modern interpretation of the term is clarified by many experts who suggest that the curriculum is the organized form of subject matter, specially prepared to meet the requirements of the students. Now, Curriculum includes those activities, experiences, and skills which provide the students with the abilities and skills they will require in facing the various situation of real life. To me, the term ‘curriculum’ cannot be
restricted to the list of books or subjects because it must include other activities and the social environment of the school and other elements which are not taught in books. Curriculum, in its broadest sense, includes the complete school environment involving academic books, activities reading skills and associations furnished to the students in the educational institutions. Here are some established and" representative
definitions of curriculum.

  • Curriculum is a blend of such activities, skills and behavior which are arranged and developed for the fertilization of pre-determined objectives of education.
  • Curriculum is a work schedule or a body of experiences that lies between objectives and teaching styles. 
  • Curriculum is the whole body of courses of studies offered to the students. 
  • Curriculum refers to the selection of subject matter to be taught. 
  • Curriculum is an activity oriented comprehensive strategy which aims at developing the students in line with the objectives of education. 
  • Curriculum is a plan for gleaming. 
  • Curriculum is a combination of those activities, skill and attitudes which are organized for the realization of the pre-determined objectives of education.
  • Curriculum consist of the courses of studies offered in the instructional activities of the school. 
  • Curriculum is a set of contents for the teachers and learners in the class room. 
  • Curriculum refers to the practical steps to be taken for the attainment of educational objectives. 
  • Curriculum is a menu of opportunities that allows a student to develop the thinking and skills necessary to succeed in life and to pursue mental and physical well being.
  • Curriculum is an essential body of skills and knowledge which enables the students to continue the acquisition of new knowledge and additional skills. 
  • Curriculum is a body of knowledge that is a framework and guides to allow students to reach their potential. It teaches them skills needed to survive as productive citizens. 
  • Curriculum is a process of learning and discovery which utilizes any means necessary to enhance students abilities to recognize and explore their ignorance. 
  • Curriculum refers to the planned experiences provided through instruction, which enables the school to meet its aims.


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