Monday, 5 December 2016

Elaborate the nature of curriculum in brief

Curriculum is an important element of the process of education. This makes education a practical social activity. We come across many aspects of curriculum following the studies of the views on curriculum of educational philosophers. These aspects provide valuable information regarding the nature, structure, composition and functions of curriculum. They are briefly discussed here under :-

  • Curriculum is a comprehensive program of education which consists of activities necessary for the acquisition of the objectives of education.
  • Curriculum is concerned with the learning experiences. These experiences are conducted inside or outside the school.
  • Curriculum is s path which leads the students to their destiny. This is the only means of acquiring the goals of education.
  • Curriculum is a compact plan which aims at the production of the individuals conformed to the national needs.
  • Curriculum includes all those information, skills and activities which develop the personality of the students and turn them into aware citizens.
  • Curriculum is a combination of such opportunities which enable the students to bring about positive behavioral changes in their personality.
  • Curriculum is a blend of activities which develop the personality of the students and thereby enable them to play their role in the construction and building of the nation. 
  • Curriculum is a plan which is designed for the all-round personality development of the students.
  • Curriculum is a development plan formulated for the students so that they may learnt the art of successful living in the society.
  • Curriculum is a document which points Out the cognitive, social, moral, spiritual and academic activities by means of whom the personality of the students is shaped in conformity with the social values and traditions.
  • Curriculum is a regular and formal program which is formulated for the realization of the objectives of education.


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