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Give an account of the characteristics of good curriculum

Curriculum is not an end in itself but a means to an end. This is a truth that curriculum is developed in order to achieve the objectives of education. To me, curriculum is a tool in the hands of teacher to mould the students according to the objectives of education in the formal educational settings. A teacher is an artist who moulds his material according to his ideals in his studio. To me, the educator is like an artist and curriculum is an instrument used by him to develop the abilities of the educand in conformity with the aims of education. Following are the salient characteristics of a good curriculum :-

Curriculum should be conformed to the philosophy of life :- 

A good curriculum is developed in the light of national ideology of life. National traditions and ideologies are reflected in all aspects and elements of curriculum. This very characteristic distinguishes a curriculum of a nation from other curriculum's of various nations. The curriculum developed in line with the national ideology can only produce the individuals who believe in the national ideology.

Curriculum should be responsible for personality development :- 

The aim of education is to enable the individuals to lead a successful life following the development of abilities: A formal curriculum is developed for the attainment of this aim of education. The predetermined curricular activities are necessary for the personality development of an individual. In this regard, a curriculum should have the ability to develop the personality of the individuals.

Curriculum should prepare the individuals for practical life :- 

The educational institutions, being a small society, prepare the individuals to cope with the demands of real life. The curricular activities of the school make the students  acquainted with the social ideals and attitudes so that they may participate in the social life successfully. This is the only way of awakening the consciousness regarding the solution of collective problems. The school is responsible for social development of the students for which balanced curriculum is developed.

Curriculum should be in line with the demands of the individual :- 

The individual is not meant for curriculum but curriculum is developed for the welfare of the individual. Every child is born with some innate faculties. Education develops and organizes these faculties. For developing and organizing the faculties of the individual, it is necessary that the curriculum must be in harmony with the mental age, psychological needs, developmental patterns and individual differences. In this way, the objectives of curricular activities would be realized positively.

Curriculum should be compatible with the objectives of education :- 

Curriculum is developed in line with the objectives of education. A good curriculum is the most significance means of the attainment of objectives of education. The curriculum, which is not linked with the objectives of education, is unable to produce the individuals required by the nation. Curriculum is a comprehensive strategy and plan which aims at the production of such individuals as are expected in the objectives of education. In this regard, it can rightly be stated that a good curriculum is a tool for the realization of the objectives of education.

Curriculum should be flexible :- 

Good curriculum is capable of coping with the changing social conditions. A balanced curriculum can mould itself according to the existing conditions. In this regard, it seems necessary that the curriculum must have the traits of flexibility, reformation and modification. Man and society are continuously changing. These changes should be included in the contents of curriculum so that the new generation may successfully face the challenges of the changing world.

Curriculum should be integrated and continuous :- 

The contents and learning experiences of good curriculum are integrated. The elements of continuity and organization are explicitly observed in a good curriculum. When the curricular contents and activities are inter-linked, they would make the process of instruction and learning meaningful and productive. The curricular activities should be organized in such a way that they may motivate the students for further experiences and experiences. To me, the continuity in the learning experiences leads to the gradual personality development of the students.

Curriculum should be linked with the environment :- 

A good curriculum is linked with the surrounded environment and needs. An individual is bound to live in a society. He/she should not be prepared for such life as he/she does not practice in the society. By means of education, an individual is imparted with the understanding of the environment and the local traditions so that he/she may lead a successful life. Besides, a good curriculum takes advantage of available resources and instructional technology. The process of instruction can be made effective by employing these sources. This is the only way to make the students aware of the phenomena around them.

Curriculum should be dynamic :- 

Good curriculum keeps the educative process, the students and the teachers moving and dynamic. To me, dynamism is the key to development. The curriculists should include those activities in the curriculum which may help in all-round personality development of the students and thereby enable them to lead a successful life. An emphasis should be laid down on the practical activities in the curriculum for the children so that they may develop their dynamic potentials. Good curriculum always motivates the students to actions and makes them mentally active and alive.

Curriculum should be comprehensive :- 

The contents and activities of curriculum should be comprehensive and capable of bringing about behavioral changes in the students. The learning experiences included in the curriculum should be linked with the broader aspects of life. When the students pass through such experiences, they get a comprehensive understanding of the society and life. The limited curriculum cannot comprehensively develop the abilities of the students. It seems necessary in the circumstances that the character and conducts of the students should be moulded according to the national aspirations, and ideologies by means of comprehensive curricular activities.

Curriculum should be balanced :- 

The curriculum should cater for the needs of the individual and the society as well. All the aspects of human personality should be taken into account during the development of curriculum. There should be the elements of interest and motivation for all the students having different abilities. It should produce such individuals as can establish a balanced and stable society. If balanced attention is not paid to the personality of the individual, the object of balanced development of personality of the student might not be attained.

Curriculum should be life-oriented :- 

A good curriculum is closely associated with the demands of practical life. The curriculists should include those contents which enable the students to participate in the affairs of life successfully and productively. All the skills and activities included in the curriculum should be life-oriented. As this is the duty of education to train the individuals for future life, curriculum should be the mirror of the demands and requirements of daily life affairs.

Curriculum should be based on individual differences :- 

A good curriculum considers the individual differences of the students. Every child is born with distinct abilities which make him/her a unique individual. These unique traits of the children give birth to the concept of individual differences. The experts hold that all the children vary in interests, tendencies and attitudes. These differences and variations of the children in abilities should be taken into account during the development of curriculum. The optional and elective subjects should also be included in the curriculum so that the students may select the subjects of their own choice and interest.

Curriculum should be harmonized with the psychological principles :- 

A good curriculum is always harmonized with the psychological principles. The psychological needs of the students are taken into account during the development of a good curriculum. The interest and aptitudes of the students should be seriously considered during the process of curriculum development. For the comprehensive realization of the objectives of education, it seems necessary that the contents of curriculum should be in line with the psychological needs, interests, and natural tendencies of the students.

Curriculum should be conformed to the abilities of the students :- 

Curriculum is developed for the child and the child is not born to obey the commandments of the curriculum. A good curriculum takes into account the all-round abilities of the students. If the content of curriculum is higher than the cognitive level of the students, it would not be able to motivate the students to take interest in the process of instruction. In this way, all the educative process will prove purposeless, unproductive and meaningless: In the circumstance, it requires that the abilities of the students must be kept in mind during the construction of curriculum for various levels of education.

Curriculum should be linked with the social needs :- 

Curriculum trains the individuals to play their role in the society. A good curriculum develops a necessary social vision to meet the social challenges and problems. An individual can comprehensively understand his/her social responsibilities. If education is a process of socialization, we should have to acknowledge that a good curriculum works behind this socialization. Curriculum should make the individuals acquainted with the social traditions and values. It teaches the individuals the art of practical living and makes them good citizens. in this way, curriculum proves itself to be the fulfiller of the social needs and makes the society stable, prosperous and integrated.


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