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Discuss the importance of agriculture for Pakistan

Importance of Agriculture in Economic Development :-
The role of agriculture in our economy is great indeed. The economy of Pakistan is still agrarian. Agriculture sector provides the basic for the industrial sector. It is the main source of national income. The role which agriculture sector plays in the economic development can be discussed as under :

1. Base for Economic Development :-
The people of poor countries believes that the industrialization is necessary for the economic development. Industrialization without an improvement in agriculture sector is not possible. Many industries like cotton textile and sugar are directly dependent on agriculture sector. So it provides base for economic development.

2. Source of Food :-
Pakistan is facing the food shortage problem and it can be solved only by improving the agriculture sector. Agriculture sector provides food like, rice, wheat and fruits to the growing population.

3. Source of Employment :-
Agriculture employs 55% of the labour force in Pakistan. In Pakistan about 70% population is living in rural areas and 80% of the rural population is engaged with this sector.

4. Important Source of National Income :-
Agriculture is an important source of national income in Pakistan. In 1949 its contribution in our national income was 60%. Now its share has decreased to 23.87% of the GDP.

5. Source of Raw Material :-
In Pakistan agriculture sector provides raw material to the industries. Most of the industrial units in our country get the raw material like cotton, sugar cane from agriculture sector.

6. Foreign Exchange Source :-
Exports of Pakistan mainly consists upon raw material. About 36% of the total foreign exchange is received from agriculture. Cotton and rice are the main export items.

7. Source of Economic Prosperity :-
Economic prosperity can be achieved through agriculture. So the improvement in agriculture is essential to increase the income of the people. The standard of living is related to the agriculture productivity.

8. Source of Manpower :-
Agriculture families provide young men for the armed forces of our country. Surplus rural manpower is shifting to the industries and other countries to earn the foreign exchange. Due to the absorption of surplus workers in industries their income increases.

9. Source of Revenue :-
Agriculture is also the source of revenue for the state. Government imposes taxes on land and agriculture products to increase the revenue. So it is also the main source of revenue.

10. Source of Capital Funds :-
An improvement in agriculture leads to an increase in the income of the farmers which increases the saving and investment in the country in various sectors.

11. Extension of Market :-
The development of agriculture sector extends the agriculture and non-agriculture market. The increase in the farmer's income will increase the demand of various industrial products which encourages the further production.
Keeping in view the above facts we can not ignore the agriculture and the agriculturist in any development programme. No doubt agriculture sector is the back bone of our country.


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