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Difference between feature and a column or Differentiate editorial and feature, column and feature, news and feature


1. Editorial is a writing printed on a specific place of the paper with a daily routine and it carries views, analysis and comments. Feature is neither printed on daily basis nor it has any specific place.
2. Editorial is the policy of the newspaper while feature is not.
3. Editorial has no name while feature usually carries the name of the writer.
4. Feature carries pictures but editorial does not.


1. Feature is similar to a news story that it gives facts to a reader in an interesting form and is adapted to rapid reading. But it goes beyond those facts by amplifying them with study, research and interviews.
2. The news story is Written to inform the readers but the feature not only informs but also instructs, guides or entertains.
3. News story presents bare facts-the feature dramatizes and supplements them by giving in detailed information that will appeal to the reader’s imagination.
4. The reporter writes what he sees, but the feature writer relates not only what he sees but also the causes or background of the story.
5. The news story is hurriedly written while feature writing has no hard dead lines.
6. Features are usually evolved from news while news are evolved from happenings of daily life.


1. Column is usually a writing printed under the same topic while features have always different topics.
2. Features do not have a specific place (except in Magazines), while columns are printed on a specific place.
3. Columns have a word count of 500 words to 1000 words while features usually have 500 words to 3000 words.
4. Columns are not as colorful as features are.
5. Columns usually have one photograph while features have a large number of photographs.
6. Column has one headline or highlight but feature has many.
7. Columns can be written in first person but features are written in objective form rather than subjective form. 


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