Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Discuss the various measures to solve the problems of cottage and small scale industries or Discuss the role of state in solving the problems of small

Any government can take advantages by their cottage and small scale industries if they take some important steps for this industry. We discuss the important measures to solve the problems of cottage and small scale industries under these headings :

1. Credit Facilities :-
The government should provide the credit to small and cottage industries at lower rate of interest. Further commercial banks are also providing loan to develops the industries.

2. Industrial Estates :-
The government has set up the number of industrial estates in the different cities. These areas have been provided various facilities like, roads, banking, and transport facilities to encourage the small scale industries.

3. Testing Laboratories :-
The government has established the testing laboratories to maintain the prescribed standard of cottage industries product.

4. Supply of Designs :-
The government also provides the new models and designed to producers to improve the qualify of cottage industry.

5. Publicity :-
The government has set up the display centers and show room,s inside and outside the country to increase the sale of cottage industry product.

6. Facility of Raw Material :-
The government imports the raw material for the cottage industries from abroad and provides them at lower price to encourage them.

7. Purchase of Cottage Industry Product :-
The government also purchases finished products from them and sells it at show room. Govt display centers in side and out side the country are creating the demand.

8. Protection Against Foreign Competitions :-
The government has also provided protection to home industry by imposing heavy duties on the imports. Still there is a need of further protection. Smuggling should be also controlled.

9. Establishment of Training Institutions :-
The government has set up various institutions like industrial, vocational, commercial and polytechnic institutions to provide the qualified workers to the cottage and small scale industries.

10. Carpet Centers :-
For the training of weavers the small corporation have set up carpet training development centers. These are working very usefully.

11. Handicraft Centers :-
Handicrafts development centers have been set up to promote the handicrafts.

12. Advisory Services :-
The small scale industries advisory services has been set up in each province to provide guidance to the new comers in small scale industry.


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