Monday, 4 July 2011

Examine the main power resources and discuss their role in the development of a country?

There are large number of resources which generate the power. The important sources are Nuclear, Coal, Oil, Gas and solar energy. Today these are used for generating the electricity.
Its importance can be realized by the following facts :
1. Energy sector is very useful for the exploration of minerals.
2. It reduces the cost of production.
3. It is useful to reduce the dependence on imports.
4. It promotes the self reliance.
5. It is helpful in improving the environment.
6. It is very useful for industrialization.
7. It is very useful for the utilization of natural resources.
8. It is very useful for improving the agriculture sector.

Pakistan is facing the problem of energy crises and has taken various steps to solve this problem.


1. Thermal Power Resources :-
Coal resources are sufficient in Pakistan. These are used in the iron and steel industry for generating the electricity. The coal resources are estimated more than 184 billion tonnes in Pakistan.

2. Coal Based Power Unit :-
The govt. is setting this unit to induct coal for industrial use. The import of machinery fr this unit is exempted from duties and taxes.

3. Oil :-
It used for getting power, light and heat. Its import is very expensive and it disturbs the balance of payment. The govt. is making sincere effort to attain the self sufficiently in oil.

4. Natural Gas :-
It is source of energy. It is consumed as a motive power. It is also used as a raw material in various industries. It is also used in domestic consumption.

It is produced from water fall in Pakistan. It has increased the growth of electricity in Pakistan. These are less expensive and very useful for economic development. The hydro projects also improve the irrigation facilities in the country. It has increased the supply of water to the lands. It is useful for controlling the floods and improving the fisheries sector in Pakistan. In this regard NWFP has set up the organization.

Uranium is the main source of nuclear energy. In Pakistan there are sufficient reserves of uranium which are used for the development of nuclear power. Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission is responsible for nuclear power development in Pakistan. Breeder reactors are used for converting uranium in the plutonium for generating fuel energy.In Pakistan nuclear power plants are working according to the standards.

Bio-gas, Solar and wind are called the non conventional source of energy.

1. Bio Gas :-
It is produced from animal and plant wastes. It is very cheap source of energy. It is used for cooking, lighting and irrigating the land.

2. Solar Energy :-
Pakistan has a large quantity of sunshine. It can be used to provide electricity to the rural areas. It can be also used for heating and pumping water.

3. Wind Energy :-
It is also a cheap source of generating power. It can be used for supplying electricity and pumping water for crops. In Pakistan 4 mechanical wind pumpers and one wind power generation system has been set up.

Keeping in view the problem of energy crises we can say there are two main obstacles in exploring the power resources i.e. lack of capital and technology.


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