Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Explain the various provisions of law relating to social security or Discuss the advantages available to the workman under the social security

Under the social security ordinance following advantages are available.

1. Sickness Benefit :-
It authorized doctor issues the certificate to secured person that he is incapable to work then that person has right to receive the benefit of sickness. This benefit will be given for the period of sickness. But in case of T.B. He will be not paid more than 365 days while in other cases not more than 121 days.

2. Medical Care :-
During the sickness, a secured workman has the right to receive medical care on a prescribed manner. A secured women is also entitled for medical care during the illness.

3. Injury Benefit :-
Injury can be received by the secured workman at the prescribed rate. The rate may change time to time. Presently the rate is announced 60% of the daily wages. This benefit is available not more than 180 days.

4. Grant In Case Of Death :-
The death grant is equal to the daily rate of sickness benefit multiply by 30 subject to minimum of Rs. 1500. The heirs of secured workman are entitled to receive the death grant on his death.

5. Maternity Benefit :-
A secured working women is allowed to get this benefit according the rate fixed by govt. This benefit is available to women during all the days in a year, when she is unable to work.

6. Iddat Relief :-
When a husband of any women dies she becomes widow. A Muslim woman cannot leave the house upto 40 days. This period is called iddat. During this period she is entitled to receive iddat benefit which is equal to the daily rate of her wages.

7. Disablement Pension :-
The secured person has right to receive this pension after the expiry injury benefit period. After the death of secured person this benefit ends.

8. Survivor's Pension :-
After the death of secured person his dependents are entitled to receive his pension. In case of dependent child the pension is paid upto the age of 16 years. In case of widow and needy this pension is paid for their whole life.

9. Medical Care For Dependents :-
In this case if a secured person dies due to employment injury, his dependents are entitled to medical care for one year from the date of death.

10. Disablement Gratuity :-
In case of minor disablement a secured person, has right to receive the benefit of disablement gratuity according the rate fixed by the govt.


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