Saturday, 4 August 2012

Value, Roles or Importance of E.Commerce in Business

1. The development of new businesses :
Use electronic commerce generally focus on the production and use of new business opportunities and expressions, very popular. Creating added value for companies and do more with less.

2. Allow customers :
Electronic commerce is that it allows customers, with more involvement in products that are manufactured, such as products made and how services are provided (the movement of a process of slow orders, with little understanding of what is happening in the company to customers faster and more open process rt1ore more control.

3. Improved trade :
E-commerce efforts to improve the efficiency of operations across different networks.

4. Effective performance :
This leads to say, increases the effective implementation of the improved quality, customer satisfaction and better business decision making.

5. Higher efficiency :
It is possible to achieve greater economic efficiency (lower cost) and rapid change to reach (high speed, acceleration and real-time interaction) with the help of electronic commerce.

6. The implementation of the information :
Allows execution of information operations, in charge between two or more parties in connection with other networks. These networks can be a combination of Plain Old Telephone System (POTS), cable TV, wireless and leased lines are. Information operations are based on new ways of doing business and even new types of businesses.

7. Comprising Transaction :
Comprising and e-commerce transaction management, organized, roads, paths and processes transactions. It also includes consumer electronic payments and money transfers.

8. The increase in revenue :
Technology companies for operating costs or less, or increase income. Electronic commerce has the potential revenue by creating new markets for old products to increase, creating new products based on information and service to the development of new distribution channels and better interaction with customers. The management aspect of e-commerce transactions can also help businesses reduce operating costs by reducing to a better coordination of the sales process, production and distribution, and consolidate operations and costs to dry.

9. Drag reduction :
Ultimately allow the friction in the online business smooth transaction between buyers, brokers and sellers.

10. Form to facilitate networking :
Electronic commerce is the business. A business interactions. a network facilitates the organization in which small, flexible companies that rely on other partners, the components and distribution of products to the changing demands of customers to fulfill better. Therefore, a complete solution for the end of relationship management is a desirable goal, which is on the chain of networks, customers, employees, suppliers, distributors and even manage to connect competitors. Management refers to transactions in the chain is a key role.

11. Say the pattern of organization :
This facilitates an organizational model that is fundamentally different from the past. If a government agency, to organize information based. New forms of work and organizational structure to a change in leadership, communication and information flows and structures of the group.


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