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Define the terms Agriculture Income and Non Agricultural Income

Income received from the following sources is called agricutural income according the income tax ordinance.
  1. Income received from land situated in his own country.
  2. Land is used for agricultural purposes.

Explanation :-
Rent, revenue or income received from the sale of any product grow in his own country land is called agricultural income. The product must be produced by employing the human labour.

Note : If any thing which is produced from the land without human effort then it will be called non-agricultural income.

Example 1 : Spontaneous trees grown without human labour is non-agricultural income.

Example 2 : A person grows rice and sells the crops. The amount receives is called agricutural income.

Example 3 : A landlord grows plants and trees on his land. The income he derives from that is called agricultural income.

Example 4 : A landlord receives the rent in the form of crops this share of product is also called agricultural income.

Types Of Agricultural Income :-
Following are the important kinds of agricultural income :
  1. Income of the cultivator :-
By cultivating the agricultural land a lessee receives the income, which is called agricultural income.

  1. Rent of land :-
Rent received by the owner of agricultural land is also called agricultural income.

  1. Selling of crop :-
Cash received by selling the agricultural product is also called agricutural income. For example if a producer sells the 1000 Kg sugar and receives Rs 50,000 will be called agricutural income.

  1. Building :-
            Income received from any building which is used for agricultural purposes is called agricultural income.

  1. Process of production :-
By growing the agricultural product a cultivator receives the income. It is also called agricultural income.

Examples Of Agricultural Income :
  1. Income of the lessor (rent).
  2. Income of lessee.
  3. Income from the cultivation.
  4. Fee paid for renewal of lease.
  5. Income from sale of sugarcane, tobacco and wheat etc.
  6. Income received from the building used for agricultural purposes.

Following incomes are not included in agricultural income.
  1. Any income received from the land which is not used for agricultural purposes.
  2. Income not received from land.
  3. Income received from the land which is not situated in his own country.

Examples :
  1. Income received from flour mill.
  2. Income from market.
  3. Income from selling trees.
  4. Income from cutting trees.
  5. Income received from land used for storing timber.
  6. Income from mining.
  7. Income from supply of water for irrigation.
  8. Income from stone quarries.
  9. Income from fisheries.
  10. Income from sale of earth for the bricks making.
  11. Income from cotton ginning factory.


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