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Define sociology and describes its application in daily life or State the use of sociology in the different fields of social life

Importance of Sociology in Society and Everyday Life

Applications of Sociology :-
     Sociology has the better ability of understanding the important aspects of social life because of the knowledge of the effects on social life of structure of social groups, the nature of relation of individuals and their functions. Because of the reliable knowledge of research and theory of sociology and the ability of solving the social problems in a better way, provides it an important position in society. The modern and science-based knowledge of sociology is able to cope with ever newly created problems. That is why, as the society moves towards the modernism, the importance of sociology is increasing. Its importance is explained by the following detail given under different topics:

1. Teaching and Education :
     The promotion and progress of any knowledge depends upon the interest of the individual of a society. The increase in member of students and arrangements for higher education in the Pakistani universities and opening of departments of sociology show its growing importance. That is why, highly educated sociologists are teaching in the colleges and universities so that the experts in sociology should be produced for the solution of social problems.

2. Research :
     The progress and survival of a discipline is dependent upon the research efforts of its experts. Many experts of sociology are doing their duties in the fields of education social welfare, social and economic planning, illiteracy, poverty alleviation, crimes control and environment welfare fields etc. A great help and information is got from research in rectification of social science, in checking the prevalent views, establishing new hope, feasibility of progressive trade and welfare projects etc. All these steps help in making the future bright and easy and also problems to be faced in future may be avoided and controlled.

3. Social Welfare and Betterment :
     The importance and benefits of sociology can be estimated from the figures according to which sociologists are doing work in the plans of social welfare in the capacity of administrators, researchers and as guides. Many sociologists are busy in providing useful suggestions and to incline towards harmony with the modern needs by providing useful information. With the help of experience and knowledge of sociology, a social welfare department, reclamation and probation department, labour welfare department, rehabilitation of special children and S.O.S village and such other non-governmental organizations are getting benefits very much.

4. Economic Reforms :
   The secret of welfare of a country lies in the succession of its economic plans and these plans can only succeed when individuals of a society are fully aware of the importance and should provide a thrilling support. To help the individuals for this support, sociologists provide them help through their knowledge and experience. In the field of agriculture, industry and trade, sociologists are providing guidance in the following ways:

A. Agriculture :
   Pakistan is an agricultural country. In spite of this, our agricultural department is suffering from backwardness. In this department, the services of sociologists are being fully availed of and efforts are being made to do away with the backwardness by providing to the farmers with modern agricultural equipment's, better seeds, fertilizers, insecticides etc. to harmonies this field with modern needs and demands to increase production and thus to make the standard of life of the farmers better and welfare of the country. All of these efforts are being done with the help of sociologists, working in this field.

B. Industry :
   It is difficult to have a status of prestige among the nations of the world without progress in the field of industry in this modern age. The presence of an industrial environment is necessary for the promotion of industry so that, the internal and external investors may be able to invest with confidence and freedom. Pakistani Sociologists and labourers are trying pleasant relation in the field of industry so that by better wages of labourers and other facilities, the industrial production should be increased. The quarrels between labourers and owners of mills, strikes and riots like incidents should be avoided and the industry may progress on in a pleasant atmosphere.

C. Trade :
   Trade activities lessen poverty and unemployment. Industrial production is increased which increases social welfare but it is only possible when the individuals of a society should pay attention to the use of such things. In the field of trade, there is a need of sociologists, especially for Pakistan-like underdeveloped country because of the help of knowledge of cultural and social values and traditions. People are to be directed and a healthy trend is necessary and this is only possible with the help of sociology. That is why, the Pakistani sociologists are playing an important role through advertisement, campaigns, by introducing industrial commodities, by promoting a tendency to expert and by bringing positive changes in the life style of the people.

5. Social Reforms and Precautions :
   The basic aim of sociology is to keep the society safe from disorganization and riots and to propose measures for the survival of social stability. The experts sociology are providing help to the government and other non-governmental organizations to achieve this aim. Community Development organizations,
Human Resources development organizations, Family welfare development, Fountain houses and S.O.S. village are the organizations that are doing service for   welfare of the society under the guidance of sociologists. Because of welfare of the society under the guidance of sociologists. Because of organized and based on scientific knowledge, sociology is providing effective and guidance in the formations of different plans and policies so that the future problems may be avoided and the society may be kept safe from any untoward situation and worry. The strong and stable progress in a society is only possible effective precautionary measures. For this safeguard, the knowledge of sociology and research can save a society from instability, overpopulation, unemployment, poverty, environmental pollution and waywardness and this shows the importance of sociology.

6. Health and Environment :
    A pleasant environment and healthy persons play an important role in the progress and economic welfare of a society. Sociology is playing an important role in keeping the population safe from pollution and in promoting healthy activities in the society. Social Medical officers in the hospitals are providing financial  help to the patients and useful suggestions to keep the environment healthy for protection from diseases. There are seminars and walks to acquaint the people  with steps to control environmental pollution.

7.  Reclamation of Offenders :
    Sociology provides a valuable help for reclamation of criminal people of the society. This provides help in understanding and controlling the reasons of crimes. According to the study of this discipline, criminals are a part of society and they should be treated like sick people and to recover them from that illness (crimes) to make them useful citizens. For this purpose, there is a Reclamation and Probation Department where in case of accidental crimes, the offenders are sent to the probation officer instead of sending them to jail and the officer looks after them and rectifies their behaviour and helps them to become useful citizens protecting them from going to jail. Besides this, the prisoners of serious crimes with long time sentenced in the jail are given to the care of a sociologist (probation officer) after their being ashamed of their crimes. This officer after assessing the tendency and atmosphere, assigns the criminal some job with certain specific conditions and thus the person succeeds  in making his behaviour constructive adapts himself better with the environment under the supervision of the sociologist. It helps to reduce the currency of crimes in the society and provide a facility to reduce the tendency of crimes.

8. Solution Of Social Problems :
    With the industrial revolution in Europe, the society fell a prey to numerous complicated social problems. It was the knowledge of sociology that helped in the solution of these problems. Its basic and important aim is to point out the social problems, to find out their causes and to present suggestions for their solutions. In the Indian & Pakistani society, the sociologists are presenting better and suitable suggestions in the light of the knowledge and research of this discipline for the problems like over population, illiteracy, poverty, unemployment, agriculture backwardness, use of narcotics, crimes, environmental pollution, social and cultural  prejudices and political and social instability. This knowledge makes it easy to understand these problems and their root causes and measures taken in the light of this knowledge are effective and fruitful. Our country suffers backwardness in education and sociologists will take into consideration the condition responsible for this backwardness and afterward to propose steps to promote education

All the above services in the concerned departments show the importance and benefits of sociology and of the sociologists as well.


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