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Describe the relation of Sociology with Economics, Anthropology, History Politics, Psychology and Social welfare

Sociology and Other Social Sciences :-
Sociology is not only the social sciences that deals with human behavior and society but also other social sciences, study some other aspects of human and social life.
   Sociology and other social sciences like economics, anthropology, history, politics and social welfare are neighboring disciplines. The common characteristics of them, have a base as theory and research. All of these disciplines study the human activities and relation but in spite of this, there is a difference in aspects of life that makes every discipline distinguishable from others.

1. Sociology and Economics:
   Economics deals with the production of commodities, the distribution and consumption services and activities. To understand these activities, to make them better, to increase sources of production to distribute these in a better way are the topics of this discipline. Basically, economics proposes steps and measures to
organize the economic activities of individuals of a society and promotion for better economic sources which give stability to the economy of the society but sometimes there is a non-balance in the society or there is a dangers of some suspense. In the circumstances, sociology helps to make the relation better to
make the economic activities continue in a better manner. For example, in the case of a landlord and a former economic relations or owner of a factory and laborer relation, there is a conflict, then sociologists with the help of better sense of human relations restore the economic relations. Sometimes, economic activities
fall a prey to a standstill reducing the production. At this moment, sociologists try to change the viewpoint and play an important role in introducing new techniques, to cape with disintegration and economic exploitation. The mutual cooperation of Sociology and Economics in economic condition and problems, explains their  relationship with each other.
2. Sociology and Anthropology:
Anthropology deals with knowledge of kinds of human races, their characteristics with reference to physical and social difference, origin of social lip and its evolution. Basically, this discipline deals with such societies, having ancient traditions and customs and are quite separate from modern societies. They are living in an illiterate society. Its main branches are — Archaeology, Linguistics, social and cultural anthropology and human anatomy are more fin nous. All of these branches explain the evolutionary stages of human social life. In cultural anthropology, human culture is studied with variation thereof This is the common topic between sociology and anthropology. However, in Sociology; instead of ancient; modern culture; is of more interest and. Sociology gets much from cultural knowledge of Anthropology in the study of present culture as low culture affects the personality of an individual and uses traditions and customs mold into specific structure. Anthropology studies a selected culture collectively and all parts are observed, However, in sociology

•keeping a specific problem in view culture is studied and techniques of questioning and interview are used to collect data. Human group life, culture and personality are common topics in both the disciplines. That is why, the experts of these disciplines are profiting themselves from each other experiences.
3. Sociology and History:
     History is the name of knowledge of previous nations, societies and cultures. History is not only the record of wars and life stories of the rulers but it&scribes the rise and fall of nations, different cultural conflicts and absorption & scribes the rise and fall of nations, different cultural conflicts and absorption rages also. According to Ibn-e-Khaldun, the appearance of historical incidents in a specific manner became a cause of beginning of sociology. Therefore, sociology pets help from history by its given stages of variation of society along with traditions and customs. When the knowledge of sociology helps much in understanding the incidents occurring in the history, therefore...the study .of rise and fall of different civilizations with reasons and elements are common topics of both the disciplines.
4. Sociology and Politics:
     Economic development creates an expansion of the society which becomes a cause of complications for the government and these become the cause e making better rules and regulations to run the administration of the government taxi this gave birth to politics. This not only provides guiding principles for the government but also there is a study of international relations, political views, activities, the methods of acquiring authority and political behavior of individuals of a society. In sociology, the political movement and their elements,
trends, political public opinion and the study of behaviors of social life cannot be ignored. Social problems become a cause of political conflict producing a social disintegration and affecting the functions of basic institutions. All of these topics relate to both sociology and politics.

5. Sociology and Psychology :
      Psychology explores both the biological and social origins of human behavior. It is study of social and biological movements, emotions, feelings, abilities, behaviors, trends, collective feelings and stimuli. Whereas, in sociology attitudes of groups, their tendency, collective feelings, and actions are studied. However, personality individual and group behaviors, mutual relationship, trends, attitudes and the methods of their study, research and technique are common in both the disciplines and mutual exchange of information is most

6. Sociology and Social Welfare:
      Social welfare is a professional discipline which is often confused with sociology. Basically, social welfare is an organized system for social service and its circle extends to individuals and society in helping to live a better life and to promote their social activities in such a manner as to bring their energy for the social welfare of the society whereas, sociology analyses on the scientific bases, the relation of individuals and effects. To understand social welfare, family, group, society and culture in a better way, we can get benefit from sociology and it can benefit itself from the social welfare's techniques for scientific research. With this reference, both the disciplines are mutually inclusive and because of aim and methodology are helpful for each other.

      The above detail shows a close relation of sociology with other above described disciplines but this does hat mews that it is indebted to above social services but it is a comprehensive and individualistic discipline which by using of scientific methods searches the solution of social problems and explains these relations which show its own position and status as a separate discipline.


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